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Accommodations in the Champagne region


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The Champagne region is not too large to visit in its entirety, but most people tend to stay in or near one of the four major towns in the area -  Reims, Epernay, Tinqueux and Chalons en Champagne. All great places to base yourself for your tasting tours

All the major towns have plenty of hotels, some very fine and ancient indeed and all you would expect in this affluent part of France. Real wine lovers though may choose to stay closer to the vineyards or even in them. A French B&B in this area can often mean at the very least a charming ancient house, or at best a small chateau.

The B&B owners will often be able to recommend local restaurants where you can sample the best food, while of course tasting local wines in addition to champagne, and many will be able to organise trips to the vineyards and tastings.

Tinqueux is just outside of Reims and more into the vineyards. If being in the vineyards is important to you then Les Molyneux will be perfect.  Located in Verzy near Tinqueux, a Grand Cru village in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, it has 19th Century charm in abundance and the owners will be delighted to introduce you to some of the smaller local champagne producers who will let you taste some unique vintages.

In Reims, the Hôtel Cecyl is in the centre of town and conveniently located, close to the beautiful Reims Cathedral as well as the train station.  Also in Reims is the Grand Hotel du Nord, situated in the pedestrian centre of town.

Epernay is the capital of the Champagne region and the town is well-served with hotels for champagne lovers.  Hôtel Jean Moët  is an 18th-century building with rooms decorated in the style of Louis XV and has a pleasant  garden to relax in. The Avenue de Champagne is a short step away and the vineyards are within easy reach.  La Villa Eugene is a 19th-century building in a park on the outskirts of Epernay, the capital of the Champagne region with a blend of modern and traditional décor.

Châlons en Champagne has many fine hotels. A good choice is the Hotel d'Angleterre, which is a short walk from de Notre-Dame de Vaux and the Grand Jard gardens and has good restaurants and a renowned wine list.

Wherever you choose to stay in Champagne, you won’t be too far from the legendary drink.


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