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Enjoy the peace and quiet of the rolling hills around Maastricht on a bike

Cycle on quiet country roads through small villages and along orchards, green pastures and castles and enjoy a nice cold beer on a terrace in one of Limburg’s…

Maastricht is sure to impress anyone when it comes to shopping

Shopping is so much more enjoyable if you can explore a great variety of shops wandering through charming, cobble-stoned streets where the main traffic is…

Get swept off your feet by André Rieu, the King of the Waltz

Attend a live concert by the King of the Waltz André Rieu and try a romantic waltz on the cobblestones of Maastricht's Vrijthof Square. .

An underground cave adventure in Maastricht

Explore history and let your imagination come alive on an adventurous tour in the vast labyrinth of the caves of St. Pietersberg Hill.

Maastricht – the city that brings history to life

Maastricht has it all: culture, history, style, gastronomic excellence, hospitality, and you’ll feel right at home too!

Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht

The stylish Townhouse Designhotel Maastricht is a great home away from home.

Explore the Netherlands the Dutch way: get on a bike

What better way to explore Dutch cities and countryside like the Dutch do themselves: on a bike?

Restaurant Witloof in Maastricht serves Belgian fare

Maastricht’s Witloof is a Belgian ‘eat café’, popular with locals as well as out of towners.

Enjoy true hospitality in one of Maastricht’s unique hotels

Whether you like to experience the southern Dutch hospitality in a small boutique hotel or bed and breakfast, or you prefer to stay in a more classy upscale…

Maastricht - the culinary capital of the Netherlands

For the food lovers among travelers – who isn’t? – Maastricht is a true paradise.

Visit the historic and romantic city of Maastricht

The city of Maastricht in the picturesque hills of the province Limburg is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Netherlands with a wealth of…

Netherlands - enjoy great dinners, cheese and pancakes

Cooking and dining has become a national hobby in the Netherlands. It has taken food to another level. Come and enjoy the results, and you will definitely be…

Antwerp: city of gems and diamonds

Port town Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world. Plus a top favorite among fashion lovers.

Belgium, top destination for top cuisine

Chocolate, waffles, top restaurants: Belgium is one of the best places in Europe to go for excellent food.

Great getaway: the Belgian Ardennes

Whether you are into canoeing, hiking, climbing or spas, the Ardennes provides you with a great nature getaway.

Beautiful Bruges

The medieval centre of Bruges is absolutely astonishing. Equally great is the flourishing gastronomic culture.

Ghent: city of medieval splendor

In the Middle Ages, Ghent was one of the economic centres of Europe. And it still shows.

Brussels: the heart of Europe

Belgium’s capital Brussels is the heart of European politics, but has a lot more to offer.

Rotterdam: The Euromast - Abseiling and other activities

Climb Rotterdam’s tallest building and go abseiling from the tower.

Where the Dutch go shopping

The Dutch are known for being frugal. But is that really true when they go shopping? Found out yourself.

Utrecht, city of the mighty tower

Utrecht is dominated by a giant tower and a long canal. Both are great navigation guides in this city.

Take a tour through Rotterdam harbor

Discover Rotterdam’s skyline from the Maas River!

Delftware: the pride of Delft

It started with an obsession with Chinese porcelain. Now Delftware is one of the main Dutch trademarks.

Belgium: country of amazing food and exceptional art

Belgium has a crucial position in Europe due to the European Parliament. But it is also a key player when it comes to food and art.

Luxurious Luxembourg

The richest country in the world has a lot of great shopping and beautiful surroundings to offer.

Rotterdam: De Kunsthal - a top museum with mindboggling exhibitions

De Kunsthal in Rotterdam is good for a fun packed day and a great stop for children

Trendy shopping in Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat

Art, food, music and fashion go hand in hand in Rotterdam’s hippest street

Netherlands: water - a great source of fun

All that water in the Netherlands provides a great source of fun: sailing, surfing, fishing. If you want to stay on land a bike tour is the thing to do

Explore Amsterdam by bike and boat

A boat trip on the canals is a great way to explore the capital of the Netherlands. Add a bike tour to it, and you will get a real feel for Amsterdam

Driving on water – the 30 km long Afsluitdijk

It is a mighty experience – driving with water on each side for no less than 30 kilometers. Welcome to the Afsluitdijk, the longest dike of the Netherlands.

Zaanse schans: historical village with working windmills and handicrafts

In the midst of the typical Dutch landscape with its flat lands, water and fields, you will find the Zaanse Schans: a village still in the authentic country…

Delft: town of pottery and giant churches

Delft is a picturesque town that has some beautiful churches. The famous Delftware pottery is another reason to go there.

Amsterdam Museum Square: home to culture

You can easily spend a full day at Museum Square without getting bored. Three of the main museums of the country plus the grand Concertgebouw (Concert Hall)…

Netherlands: enjoy the beauty of the flower fields

When all the flowers are blossoming, it is like watching a living painting. The big diversity of colors and the immense fields are breathtaking. Springtime is…

Amsterdam: Anne Frank, the Secret Annex and the diary

The Anne Frank House brings you closer to the drama Anne Frank and her family went through. Her diary is there to remind us all.

Amsterdam: Rembrandt’s house and his collections

No painter marked the seventeenth century as Rembrandt van Rijn did. The way he played with light and dark, the colors and the detailed facial expressions made…

Amsterdam: city of canals, coffee chops and culture

Going to Europe, you can’t miss out on Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. One of the most popular transportation hubs of Europe – with a population of…

The Netherlands: country of water and flowers

The Netherlands, famous for its canals, flowers and bikes, is a great place to enjoy beautiful architecture, art and culture. The small-scale feel makes the…

Rotterdam, the Gateway of Europe

Rotterdam is home of the biggest harbor of Europe and it is often called “the Gateway of Europe”. Its modern architecture is loved by designers and artists.

The Hague: home of the Queen and parliament

The physical centre of politics are the parliamentarian buildings at the Buitenhof, a building dating back to the sixteenth century. It has a very relaxed feel…

Shopping in the Netherlands: A few essential ideas and tips

Find out where to find your top Dutch souvenirs. The Netherlands is known for: flowers, cheese, Delftware, stroopwafels. But where do you go to find the best…