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Hotel Pullman Paris Montparnasse - sleek and professional

The Hotel Pullman Paris Montparnassa has pretty much everything you need, and a view.

Regal retreats and tranquil cruises in Burgundy

Burgundy's most characteristic hotels are historic chateaux converted into luxury boutique hotels and guest houses or chambre d'hôtes.

Burgundy: home of classic French cooking

When most people think about French food, a handful of famous dishes spring instantly to mind. They are the foundations of classic French cuisine and most of…

Ten of the best things to do in Burgundy

Burgundy doesn't rest on its laurels. You may travel there to sample fine wines and superb cuisine, but you should linger to visit its many landmarks, museums,…

Riding the rails in France

France has an extensive rail network and for many trips traveling by train is a convenient and relaxing way to get around.

More to Burgundy than great vintages

Take your time to enjoy all that the beautiful Burgundy region has to offer: rich history, fine foods, music and art.

An encyclopaedia of flavours

In France, every aspect of food and drink - its cultivation and rearing, preparation and consumption - is considered a serious fine art. This is not a place to…

Speeding along the open road in France

In France, for those who like to drive fast the Autoroutes are the way to go, but use the Routes Nationales and local roads if you prefer to travel more…

France accommodations - comfort by any other name

Deciphering the huge French vocabulary for accommodations can be a challenge. Both styles and names may vary by region, but luxury in France comes in all…

Live Paris like a native

Parisians are confirmed apartment dwellers. Unlike Londoners who yearn for their own gardens, the average Parisian is happy to live in an apartment overlooking…

Hotel Pavillon de la Reine - Quiet elegance in Paris

Historic Hotel Le Pavillon de la Reine offers discrete, private luxury in the heart of Paris.

Je ne sais quoi – some hotels unique to Paris

Parisian luxury hotels are luxurious in an indescribably Parisian way. And all over the city, there are hotels and accommodations that would never seem at home…

Nightlife in Paris - the City of Light

From high art to popular culture and from refined palaces of fine dining to crowded, lively bars, Paris nightlife is a feast for night owls.

Trains, planes and automobiles in France

Traveling within France is fast and easy with good roads and reliable transportation. On the other hand, if you want to turn your transportation itself into an…

Paris - transportation on the surface

Taxis, bicycles and buses are the surface alternatives to the underground services of the Metro and RER.

Paris - A hub of hubs

Paris is France's major rail transport hub with local and high speed trains arriving from all over Europe.

Paris local transportation - a matter of choice

Paris is made for walking. You can fill days on end in the city center without needing a ride. Luckily, if you do want to take in more, there's lots of choice.

Paris hotels are the Soul of Boutique

In Paris the boutique spirit has always inhabited the city's charming small hotels.

How to travel in Paris by Metro

The Metro, Paris's world famous underground system, is by far the easiest way to get around the city center, most of the visitor-friendly arrondissements and…

Paris and luxury hotels - a match made in heaven

When it comes to luxury travel, few cities can pamper visitors as well as Paris. This is a city that can deliver wonderful surroundings, spectacular views,…

Getting to Paris from its two airports

Transportation options from Charles de Gaulle/Roissy and Orly Airports to destinations within Paris include RER, Orlybus, les Cars Air France and taxis.

Paris: Grand Boulevards and Grands Magasins

Paris has fewer department stores than many other world capitals but what this city lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in truly spectacular style.

A history of Paris in its rooms and accommodation

Paris has bags of character and luxury to spare. Little hotels de charmes and glittering, indulgent palaces are both available in the city of light.

Paris - fashion streets paved with gold

The Faubourg Saint-Honoré is the ultimate fashion address in Paris. It is where international designers aspire to be and global standards of luxury are set.

Champs Elysées: the Elysian Fields of Paris

For shoppers, the Champs Elysées defines a district more than a street. The retail opportunities on Avenue des Champs Elysées itself consist almost entirely of…

Paris shopping - nothing but the best

Parisian shopping is the epitome of chic. At every price range and in every category of goods, Parisians will buy the best they can afford as long as it has…

Eiffel Tower – when science becomes art

One of the greatest scientific achievements of its time and symbol of contemporary Paris, the Eiffel Tower provides a superb panoramic view of the city. An…

Accommodations in the Champagne region

The Champagne region is not too large to visit in its entirety, but most people tend to stay in or near one of the four major towns in the area - Reims,…

The beautiful and exclusive French Riviera

Stretching along France’s southeastern coastline on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, the Cote d’Azur, or French Riviera, is around 500 miles of sun-kissed…

St. Tropez - have a taste of the jet set lifestyle

It’s hard to believe today that St. Tropez was once a small fishing village on the Cote D’Azur. Today it is a byword for rich and beautiful people, celebrities…

The Right Bank of Paris

The ‘Rive Droite’ or Right Bank is where the Paris visitor has to go to in order to see the biggest historical buildings and the grandest of boulevards. It is…

The beaches and vineyards of Bordeaux

Famed for its delicious Bordeaux wine, this region also boasts beautiful sandy beaches and plenty to see and do

Paris - city of food

From Michelin starred dining to tiny little cheap bistros, Paris is one of the world’s food capitals and everyone from a road sweeper to the President is a…

See how champagne is made and sample the vintages

Lovers of champagne must go to Epernay. This small town is only fifteen miles south of Reims but can rightfully be called the centre of "champagne country".…

The Palace of Versailles is worth a full day's visit to appreciate all its magnificence

Visit Versailles and marvel at the splendours of ancient France

Paris - relax with a "Bateaux Mouches" trip down the Seine

Drift down the River Seine and see Paris from a new angle

Champagne - a day trip away from Paris

There’s much more to the Champagne region than just its world-famous wine. It’s a region of beautiful lakes, walks and golf too.

Paris - the Latin Quarter

Lose yourself in the winding streets of Paris’s artistic quarter, a place where poets still play

Paris - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

The capital of France, a place steeped in history, in beauty, in art, in culture, wine, food and romance. One of the world’s must-see cities

Must-see places in France

The must-see places if you visit France.

Must-see places in Paris

Paris is so packed with things to see and do that you may actually miss the best bits if you aren’t careful. To make things a little simpler, we’ve put…

Dining in Bordeaux

Surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in France, if not the world, Bordeaux is a place where eating and drinking takes pride of place and locals eat…