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Potsdam’s top addresses for memorable overnight stays

Potsdam’s many charms are also represented in its fine selection of hotels. Find luxury and relaxation embedded in idyllic landscapes and great architecture.

Berlin – a Mecca for shopping

Ready for a shopping marathon? Berlin has it all, luxurious boutiques, exclusive department stores, young and hip fashion labels and inner-city shopping malls.…

Experience Berlin from a culinary angle

Whether you like it simple or extravagant – you find great food and fabulous eateries all over Berlin.

Pick your hotel out of a huge range – Berlin hotels offer something for everyone

Berlin offers a great diversity when it comes to accommodation. Whether you look for international luxury chain hotels, eco-friendly guesthouses, stylish…

The Brandenburg Gate – Berlin’s signature attraction

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most well-known landmark. Once incorporated into the Berlin Wall it now stands symbolically for the reunification of Germany.

Munich Palace, former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs

Don’t miss the Muenchner Residenz, a marvelous example of medieval representative architecture built in a time of unrest - the renaissance.

Explore Munich’s most famous shopping districts

Surrender to the charm of Munich´s traditional stores and let your imagination be fired by some of the world´s most creative shops!

Berlin – a stronghold for culture, art and architecture

Berlin offers endless opportunities for sightseeing, cultural events and leisure activities. Exploring Berlin is just as colorful and diverse as the city…

Shopping in Munich: shop till you drop

Locally made arts and crafts, local specialties, designer fashion or souvenirs…Munich’s markets and shopping centers have it all!

The best ways to stay overnight in Dresden.

Dresden offers great accommodation in every category. Whether it is a luxury hotel in the city centre, a stylish villa with view onto the Elbe or a…

Dresden’s best shopping quarters

No matter if you are looking for high-street fashion, designer outlets or local specialty shops – Dresden’s city centre has it all.

Get to know Dresden through its restaurants

Visit Dresden’s most famous beer garden, taste the local food or overlook the city while you enjoy a gourmet dinner. Each district offers its very own variety…

Dresden: explore Saxon cities and landmarks.

To get the full Dresden experience, you should explore beyond Dresden’s city centre to the charming landscapes, castles and towns that surround “Elb-Florence”.

Discover Dresden’s cultural opulence

Dresden’s rich cultural life, the spectacular architecture, numerous world-class museums and a picturesque surrounding, make this travel destination attractive…

Shopping in Munich under glass roofs – rain or shine!

Convenient shopping at any weather – Come visit Munich’s big shopping malls

Cologne’s surroundings – interesting, relaxing and fun to explore

Once you're in Cologne, you have plenty of options to get out of the city: various famous tourist attractions are located just outside of Cologne.

The Bavarian Film Park—a world of fantasy

Take the whole family to enjoy a stunt show with special effects – that is excitement for everyone!

Shopping in Potsdam’s historic city centre

Potsdam’s city centre is a great place for leisurely browsing and shopping. Enjoy the variety of chic boutiques, galleries, souvenir shops and modern arcades.

Short-trip recommendations for your stay in Potsdam

The surrounding of Potsdam offers you exciting day-trips into the world of movie-adventures and Venice-like landscapes.

Explore Potsdam’s top attractions

Potsdam stands for Prussian splendour nestled in picturesque landscapes. Regardless of the city’s manageable size, the options of things to see and do are…

Potsdam - a splendid city of fabulous palaces and gardens

Located south of Berlin and surrounded by water, Potsdam attracts its visitors with great cultural ambience, beautiful palaces and picturesque parks.

Sylt Island – First Lady of the North Sea and Island of many faces

Sylt is known as the “Queen of the North Sea”, fascinating its visitors with its unique maritime charm, preeminent beauty and spectacular scenery.

Cologne – a metropolis on the Rhine River linking history and modern spirit

Overlooked by the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne is an infectious and vivid city, well known for the Cologne Carnival, special Kölsch beer, and as a centre of art,…

Germany’s North - maritime flair, multifaceted scenery and culinary diversity

Mostly flat or gently undulating, most of the scenery of northern Germany is a landscape of rich farmland carved up by canals and rivers, handsome brick-built…

Munich - more than just Oktoberfest and Hofbraeuhaus

Come and explore the endless possibilities in Munich, famous for its glamour and traditions!

Munich’s Marien Square and Old & New Town Hall

A must-see on every visitors list: Munich’s Marien Square and the Old & New Town Hall

Munich's Olympic Park—leisure in the city

International event center, sports venue, recreational park and tourist attraction—come visit the Olympic Park in Munich, whether you are a sports fan or not.

Oktoberfest—enjoy the Bavarian way of celebrating

Come check out Oktoberfest and get a real taste of authentic German food, beer and fun.

Frankfurt cuisine—hearty food for your soul

Frankfurt is known for its casual, hearty cuisine: there are only a few original dishes from Frankfurt— make sure you try the few there are. Your taste buds…

Hotels in Frankfurt—the perfect combination of tradition and innovation

Enjoy the perfect symbiosis between classic and trendy lifestyle, while staying in one Frankfurt’s renowned high-end hotels. Sit back, relax and treat yourself…

Luxury accommodation in Cologne - style, comfort and modernity

Enjoy your stay in the cultural metropolis of Cologne while luxuriating in one of the most comfortable and renowned hotels of the city.

Cologne - shopping paradise and city of art

Come and visit the numerous malls, arcades, shopping areas and art fairs—there is something for everyone to be discovered in Cologne!

Culinary Cologne – Hearty Meals And Locally Brewed Beer in Great Company

Drop in to one of the traditional and welcoming bars or brewery taverns scattered throughout the city center and enjoy Rhineland specialties and a Kölsch—the…

Ruhr Valley – a combination of industrial heritage and great attractions.......

Visit the Ruhr Valley – the most densely populated area and the largest industrial region in Europe!

Hotel Bayerischer Hof - world class luxury in the heart of Munich

Known for its splendid service, distinguished cuisine and luxury, the Hotel Bayerischer Hof is one of the most renowned hotels worldwide.

Kempinski Hotel & Charles Hotel

Introducing Munich’s finest hotels: The Kempinski Hotel VierJahreszeiten and the Charles Hotel Munich are definitely on the list of Munich’s top hotels.

Class, elegance and tradition: stay in Munich’s top hotels

Whatever your budget is, Munich offers a wide range of accommodation

Cologne – vibrant city full of historical sites and contemporary spirit

Cologne is well known for its cathedral, cultural diversity, carnival and the world famous Koelsch Beer. Come and meet Cologne people, who will teach you to…

The Black Forest—known as Germany’s most diverse holiday region

Discover the rich history and heritage of the Black Forest and its 250 travel destinations. V visit castles, churches, monasteries and marvel at the…

Munich’s most visited museums

Munich has a variety of museums to offer—check out this quick guide and find the one that best suits your interests.

The English Garden—Munich’s green oasis

Come relax in Munich’s greenest oasis, one of the world’s largest public parks. Munich’s English Garden has something for everyone to offer!

Die Frauenkirche (Church of our Blessed Lady)—Munich’s largest church

Visit one of Munich’s famous landmarks, the Frauenkirche, which is considered the symbol of the Bavarian capital.

Frankfurt—Germany’s financial capital and city of contrasts

The airport, the banking district, the exhibition center, skyscrapers, and surprisingly—the belt of green land on Frankfurt’s doorstep—everything is bigger in…

Shopping in Frankfurt—exclusive, popular and rare—you’ll find it all!

If you’ve seen enough attractions and decide you’d rather go shopping, the shopping streets Zeil with its Zeilgalerie and Goethestraße are perfect for an…

Places of interest in Frankfurt - metropolis of Western Germany

Whether you prefer history, culture, music or simply the outdoors—Frankfurt offers a variety of places of interests! Be sure to plan ahead what you want to do,…

Berlin—where east and west bump into each other

Berlin is the heart of Germany and seat of the German government. Here you find hundreds of historical places, surrounded by pure liveliness and…

Rhine Valley—legendary landscape, ancient history and culinary delights

Look forward to romantic little wine towns, quaint half-timbered buildings, enchanted castles, the Loreley myth, warm, welcoming hosts and - of course, the…

Western Germany - home of wine, splendid nature, history and fairy tales

Wine lovers will find their pleasure in the western part of Germany - from the Moselle up to Franconia.

Get out of the city—day trips in and around Frankfurt

If you’ve got enough pictures of Frankfurt’s sights, plan a trip into nature, or simply to another nearby city. The options are many: fun, nature, recreation –…

Neuschwanstein Castle—Home to many myths and fairy tales

Visit SchlossNeuschwanstein and experience what it feels like to be part of a fairy tale.

Dallmayr—tradition, quality and indulgence

Come enter the world of superior coffee and delicatessen: Dallmayr offers aromatic coffee, fine truffles, chocolates and more!

Hofbraeuhaus, A culinary landmark in Munich

There is no better place to indulge in freshly brewed German beer and cuisine. No trip to Munich is complete without visiting the Hofbräuhaus.

Bavarian Cuisine—A culinary seduction of the senses

Munich is famous for many traditional Bavarian delicacies. Make sure to try a variety of mouth-watering specialties while you are there!

Bavarian Castle tour - a memorable journey through royal history, wealth and power

Bavaria is famous for its numerous magnificent castles and fortresses. Make a trip and visit some of the most pompous castles of the country

Lake Constance—one lake, three countries

Travel means exploring. Explore one lake, three countries and a thousand possibilities.

Munich’s surroundings – day trips around Munich

Be sure to explore the beauty of the numerous castles, lakes and other historical sites just outside of Munich.

The North Sea—perfect idyll, recreation and endless opportunities

Whether you're here on holidays or for a recreational visit: you can relax, experience nature at first hand and enjoy a wide range of art and culture.

Munich - world metropolis with traditions, culture and delightful cuisine

“Munich likes you”… is the motto of Munich. Come check out the variety of what this magical city has to offer.

Shopping in Hamburg—explore magnificent shopping malls and boulevards!

From chic boutiques and traditional Hamburg fashion shops around the Alster to unusual and alternative stores – we promise you’ll find what you are looking for!

Hamburg’s top restaurants

There are many places in Hamburg to eat at – local or international cuisine: pick a place and enjoy a dinner in northern ambience!

The Baltic coast—dream beaches, hanseatic cities and pure nature

The Baltic coast with its romantic flair is the perfect place to relax. Admire grand residences, palaces and manor houses. Discover the hilly beaches on the…

Eastern Germany—a region of turbulent history with a beautiful countryside

Eastern Germany offers a sheer abundance of hip and unique travel destinations. With Berlin alone, visitors could never get bored. Be captivated by an…

Island of Ruegen—Germany’s largest island

Ruegen is Germany’s largest and possibly most beautiful island. Its beautiful chalk cliffs and romantic coastlines attract more than a million visitors each…

Germany’s south—a region full of historical heritage and scenic delights

Come and explore Southern Germany, the most diverse part of the country. Take a tour through beautiful historical towns and let the changing scenery captivate…

Hamburg - hanseatic city and gateway to the world

Hamburg – City of Superlatives: A gem in the far north of Germany, the green city with its maritime flair is considered one of the country’s most attractive…

Hamburg—city of contrasts and maritime charm

Come visit diverse Hamburg and experience the attitude of the Hanseatic inhabitants, which the city is most famous for!

Hamburg—accommodation for every budget

Whether you prefer endless luxury or simple modesty: Hamburg offers places to stay at for every type of traveler, every style and every budget.

Day trips from Hamburg—explore the variety of the northern region!

Northern Germany has many faces. Take some time to get out of the city to enjoy the history and tranquility of some the most famous travel destinations nearby.

Germany – where culture and history are brought to life

Often referred to as ‘The Land of Poets and Thinkers’, Germany is best known for its rich culture, musical traditions—and great food—of course.

Dresden-world-class city of art and culture on the Elbe River

Art treasures, magnificent promenades, majestic palaces and top orchestras – all that this city has to offer won’t ever let you forget the splendour of Dresden