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Golf etiquette

Golf is renowned for its pernickety etiquette, old-fashioned manners and exacting dress code. The seemingly endless list of rules and jargon can put off…

Golf in Germany

Since the 1980s, when Bernhard Langer - known as the “Ice Man” for his reserved demeanor during competition - emerged on the European circuit, golf has been…

Overview of U.S.A Golf

Golf has been developing across all the states of the U.S.A. in leaps and bounds since the first course was built in the late 1880s in New York.

Golf swing

The golf swing is intrinsic to the game and probably causes golfers the most consternation during the learning phase.

Golfing in the Benelux region

The Benelux region, consisting of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, is full of diverse golfing experiences.

Introduction to golf

Ever since Tiger Woods first won the Masters’ in 1997, golf has gone from a grandfather’s to grandson’s – and even granddaughter’s - game: a trendy sport with…

Introduction to Canada’s golf

Playing golf in Canada can be a memorable experience with challenging courses set in pristine national and provincial parks, majestic mountains or rugged…

Golf clothing

Golf attire has transformed over the past 20 years from baggy sweaters and pleated polyester pants to chic, form-fitting, fashion-conscious clothing,…

Panorama – a combination of sport and outdoor adventure

Surrounded by forests in the pristine Purcell Mountains, golfers at Panorama Mountain Village are likely to come across moose or elk grazing on the bentgrass…

Introduction to golf in Great Britain

Anyone interested in the origins of golf has Scotland, England, Ireland and even Wales on their wish list to visit.

Golfing in France

The origins of golf in France stretch back to the mid 1500s when Mary Queen of Scots introduced the game during her studies there.

Helicopter golf takes golf vacations to a whole new level

Avid skiers associate Canada with heady heli-skiing holidays, but who knew that golfers can also play heli-golf there?

History of golf

The game of golf was created by the Scots back in 1457.

Scotland, birthplace of modern golf

Playing golf in Scotland is an ambition for many dedicated golfers both for its nostalgia and the challenge of its links courses.

Executive golf courses in Canada

Old-school golfers have traditionally taken short courses less seriously than 6000-yard regulation golf courses

Buying golf clubs

Whether you’re buying golf clubs for the first time or investing in a new set, you are filled with hope that they are going to improve your golf.

Introducing: golf instructor Chris Foley

Chichaku is happy to welcome award-winning golf instructor, Chris Foley as our resident professional.

Golf tuition

Golf is for everyone: you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to be super-fit, and you don’t have to wear Spandex!

Trump National Los Angeles: the most expensive golf course ever built

Located on the Palos Verdes peninsula south of downtown Los Angeles is the Trump National Golf Club, one of the most spectacular golf courses in California.

Environmental stewardship at Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club, Alberta

One of Alberta’s most beautiful mountain golf courses is slated to go private when the housing and retail development is complete.

World Golf Village: Florida’s golf-themed resort

Florida has more theme parks and entertainment centers than any other state in the USA, so it comes as no surprise that it also boasts a golf-themed attraction.