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Take your time to explore the many facets of the Jura region

The Jura & Three Lakes region - A perfect mix of beautiful nature, diverse landscapes and gorgeous towns.

Meet the “Big 5” in St. Moritz

In St. Moritz, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury accommodation.

Explore the many facets of Lausanne’s culinary selection

Lausanne and the Lake Geneva Region offer many culinary delights. Wherever you go, a great selection of excellent Swiss cuisine will go along with you.

St. Moritz – one of Europe’s best known vacation spots and the most elegant one for sure

St. Moritz offers the perfect mix for the outdoors – a breathtaking landscape, a chic ambience and lot’s of sun year-round.

Lucerne – city of tradition and modernity

Lucerne stands for Swiss diversity in one place - a historic town, a picturesque lake and an impressive mountainous panorama.

Geneva: welcome to the world’s smallest metropolis

Geneva – a chic town with international flair and French “savoir vivre”.

Switzerland – Europe at its most exclusive

Travel Switzerland and you’ll experience three European cultures in one! Furthermore, the variety of visitor attractions - Alpine mountains, glittering lakes,…

Find accommodation at all prices and stay in the heart of Bern

Bern’s top-level hotels are the perfect companion to make your stay complete and memorable.

Where to stay in Geneva – from luxury hotel to hostel

Geneva has a wide range of accommodation options. With over 130 hotels and over 14,000 beds, the city offers a great choice of accommodation that ranges from…

Gravity adventures in the Lake Geneva Region – glaciers, roller coasters and monster bikes

Gravity adventures in Diablerets - riding a glacier rollercoaster above the clouds, coasting down a mountain on a monster bike and hiking high above the clouds.

Cycling through the Lavaux vineyards near Lausanne

Tasting some incredible wines and exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Lavaux Vineyards on the outskirts of Lausanne.

High adventure in the Lake Geneva region

From high alpine hiking to immersion in a mountain river, the Lake Geneva region excels at soft adventure activities.

Paragliding in Villars

A paragliding tandem flight can be the high point – quite literally – of a magical adventure trip through the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland.

Combine your Swiss countryside vacation with exciting city impressions in Switzerland

Switzerland’s cities are small but mighty. They bear witness to a splendid history and captivate your senses with a unique scenery of landscape and…

Create your perfect Swiss moment

Switzerland’s unique landscape and beautiful cities offer anything that a traveller’s heart could desire. It’s up to you to mix the multitude of ingredients…

Culture, sports and pure recreation – Welcome to Geneva

Geneva – one of the most beautiful and cultured cities in Europe offers a multitude of attractions and is the perfect gateway to the Alps year round.

Geneva - taste the richness of the local cuisine

From haute-cuisine to international food from around the world – Geneva’s eateries offer something for everyone.

Indulge in a shopping spree in Geneva

Shopping in Geneva is a much loved pastime - from luxury to bargains, the city offers something for everyone.

Be astonished by the Jungfrau mountain scenery

The amazing Jungfrau Region is a much desired travel destination for those who want to spend an active and relaxing holiday.

Eastern Switzerland - explore, enjoy and relax

Eastern Switzerland offers a wonderful mix of impressive landscapes, historic towns and family-friendly excursions.

Visit the Bernese Oberland region and discover a fantastic landscape

A breathtaking landscape, a wide range of outdoor activities and the opportunity to enjoy pure nature in seclusion make the Bernese Oberland appealing for a…

Feel inspired by the Lake Geneva Region

The Lake Geneva Region is simply perfect for a relaxed multifaceted vacation.

Graubuenden is a wonderful travel destination in winter and summer alike

Graubuenden is synonymous for stunning nature, the best outdoor sports resorts in the world, international ambience and luxury hideaways.

Fall in love with the Mediterranean flair of Ticino

The canton of Ticino will truly surprise you with its Italian flair and the Mediterranean atmosphere. All of a sudden, you find yourself under palm trees,…

Dig into the many tastes of Switzerland

Swiss cuisine is as multi-faceted as the country’s regional and cultural diversity. A journey through Switzerland can easily turn into a culinary trip that…

Zurich – an exciting metropolis by the water

Zurich is Switzerland’s lifestyle capital with a unique mix of culture, nightlife and nature.

Basel is an exciting travel destination, yet often underrated.

Basel – a city of diverse culture, modern art, contrasting architecture and a multifaceted history.

Small, but oh my – Bern is a true treasure chest

Bern is full of history, arts, museums and music. On top of that, the city spoils its visitors with a unique atmosphere that is one of a kind.

Shopping in Bern is anything but stressful

Shopping in the Old Town of Bern is a great experience due to a great variety or stores and one of a kind beautiful architectural.

Discover the culinary highlights of Bern

Bern offers a great variety of cuisine and has plenty of surprises in store for you.

Champagne weather meets champagne shopping – St. Moritz is pure luxury in anything.

Nothing about St. Moritz is ordinary – not even shopping. Check out for yourself how this town presents luxury shopping at its best and makes you feel like…

Your St. Moritz vacation will be full of quality and diversity.

Nature, culture, sports, relaxation and tranquillity – all can be found in sunny St. Moritz.

Dining in St. Moritz - From gourmet restaurants to Alpine huts

St. Moritz restaurants offer a wide range of culinary delights to satisfy even the most discerning taste.

From Swiss souvenirs to luxury goods

Shopping in Switzerland is fun and not necessarily expensive.

Enjoy Swiss hospitality with style and comfort

Swiss hotels offer a great range of everything to suit your vacation.

Lucerne – a great place to shop

In Lucerne, you never have to walk far to find a variety of exquisite stores, boutiques and picturesque market squares.

Feeling luxurious in Lucerne

Lucerne’s great hotels combine it all… Embedded in a beautiful scenery, you’re stay is “crowned” by a sense of luxury, traces of European history and a great…

Lausanne Hotels – a place for every taste

Lausanne offers accommodation to suit everybody’s taste. You’ll find a great selection of hotels in a variety of price categories from hostels, bed &…

Lausanne’s sights, museums and surrounding nature will keep you busy for days

Lausanne offers multifaceted tourist activities. From impressive historic sights, remarkable art collections and beautiful excursions into nature – Lausanne is…

Enjoy the Lausanne mix of shopping and relaxation

Shopping in Lausanne is all about variety, quality and glamour. The combination of picturesque narrow streets and nicely decorated stores make shopping in…

Lausanne – a desirable place to be

Lausanne – the Olympic capital of the world impresses with economic affluence, a picturesque setting, cultural highlights and lots of feel-good atmosphere.

Lucerne – small, but my oh my!

Lucerne has been strong in tourism since the early 19th century. Due to its beautiful setting on Lake Lucerne, framed by impressive mountains and offering a…

Lucerne – a culinary event for everyone

Are you ready to “dip” deep into the culinary regional delights of Lucerne? Enjoy real Swiss specialities from down-to-earth cuisine up to gourmet heaven.

Welcome to the capital of Switzerland - an extraordinary city in every way

Bern, one of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities. The Swiss capital doesn’t conquer with size but with beauty and diversity in many respects.