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Tasting room etiquette

Drinking wine at home or over dinner is a fantastic experience, with its own set of etiquette (or lack thereof in more informal situations). There is a certain…

Like a fine wine: the art of aging gracefully

One of the magical aspects of wine is how gracefully great wines can age.

Home storage: a personal cellar (or closet)

Once your cellar begins to grow, you’ll need to figure out how you want to store wine.

Pinot noir clones: the basics

Pinot noir is an especially old variety of grape, probably removed by only a generation or two from the original wild stock of Vitis sylvestris. Pinot noir…

Hot or not: the great alcohol debate

Alcohol levels in wine are one of the great areas of debate in the contemporary wine world.

Lodi: old vine zinfandel and more

Lodi is an appellation in the Central Valley of California, with a long and storied history, and containing some of the state’s most massive vineyards and…

Santa Cruz Mountains: kissed by the Pacific

The Santa Cruz Mountains appellation has been referred to as “California’s most underrated wine district,” a title it well deserves.

Tasmania: a world apart

Tasmania has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing wine regions, producing some of the most unique and acclaimed wines in the country.

McLaren Vale: small but powerful

Despite its small size, the McLaren Vale in south of Australia is home to some of the most internationally-renowned wines.

Monterey County: a rainbow of microclimates

Monterey County is one of the premiere destinations in California – but many people don’t think of it as a hot spot for wine.

Yarra Valley: Australia's pinot palace

While shiraz is what most people associate with Australian wine, the Yarra Valley is dominated by chardonnay and pinot noir.

Barossa Valley: Home of the Giants

The Barossa Valley is perhaps Australia’s most well-known wine region. Many of the country’s largest producers – Penfolds, Yalumba, and Orlando among them –…

Australia: From Yellowtail to Penfolds Grange

The United States may be the New World’s largest producer of wine, but to many Australia is the real New World.

Clare Valley: Australia's riesling wonderland

Australia may be known primarily for its shiraz, but the country is home to a small handful of regions that reach outside that limited palate. Clare Valley is…

Wine tips - tannin: the structure and foundation of the great wines

There are few things as important to a great red wine as tannin.

Paso Robles: not just bulk wine

Paso Robles is located almost equidistant between the two major gateways to California – San Francisco and Los Angeles – and as such is ideally suited to wine…

Wine tips: the magic of malolactic

There are many tools in a winemakers arsenal to make their wine more complex and nuanced. Some are well understood, others – such as malolactic fermentation…

Temecula County: southern California's wine country

Small but impressive, Temecula is arguably California’s greatest success story.

Wine tip - not too hot and not too cold: ideal serving temperature for wine

The question of what temperature to serve your wines at is not as simple as it seems.

Wine tips - don't sniff the cork: the truth behind an age-old ritual

Wine service at a table can be an intimidating affair. Everything has the air of tradition around it, and it’s difficult not to feel like any slight slip-up…

Wine glasses

There is arguably no more important wine accessory than a wine glass. Simple, elegant, and practical, wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes - a staggering…

Wine decanters

Wine decanters are one of those elusive aspects of wine service that serve to add a touch of class – but that many people don’t know the reasoning behind.

Wine pairing basics

Pairing food and wine can be an intimidating affair. And indeed, it is an art – one reason why truly talented sommeliers are paid so well, and are so prized by…

Wine: pairing spicy foods

Pairing spicy foods with wine is one of the most notorious problems of the wine pairing world. Many people opt not even to try – instead choosing a good beer…

Ontario: where ice wine is king

Ontario includes the most internationally-recognized wine region in Canada – the Niagara region – and in recent years its wines have become increasingly…

The Nahe: Germany's rural star

Nahe is a relatively young wine region in Germany – plantings date back only to the late-8th century. It is generally considered one of the top regions in the…

Germany: not just Liebfraumilch

Germany is the eight-largest wine producer in the world, but for those who love white wine it is one of the most important producers.

Germany's Rheingau region: so good, wine was named after it

The Rheingau is not a particularly large wine region – it makes up only 3% of the total vineyard area of Germany – but it is a profoundly important one.

Germany: the Mosel region, the oldest, and some would say the best

Traditionally known as the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the Mosel has a place in German winemaking unmatched by any other region

Oregon wine: The New World's king of Pinot Noir

Wine has been in produced in Oregon since before it achieved statehood, with the first winery built outside of Jacksonville in what is now the Applegate Valley…

California - The New World's champion

California is the undisputed king of New World wine production – in terms of volume, awards, and global prestige.

Okanagan Valley: Canada's wine wonderland

The Okanagan Valley is Canada’s second-largest wine region and accounts for virtually all wine produced in British Columbia.

Wine tips: fruity vs. sweet

One of the most common mistakes people make when first tasting wine is to confuse the fruitiness of a wine with sweetness.

Wine tips: reading a French wine label

French wine labels are very easy to read – but only once you know how.

Terroir: the flavor of a place

Terroir is a French word derived from the word for earth. It refers to a collection of characteristics that when taken together create a sort of sense of…

Washington: California's northern wine rival

Washington State is slowly but surely growing its reputation on the world stage with the production of premium wines.

Walla Walla Washington: as fun to drink as it is to say

Walla Walla is now the second-largest appellation in Washington State, with more than 1,200 acres under vine. The area remains primarily known for its cabernet…

Yakima Valley: the original Washington wine

The Yakima Valley is the first, and largest, appellation in Washington State. Officially recognized in 1983, it was already home to dozens of major wine…

Columbia Gorge: Washington's shared corner of perfection

One of the newest appellations in Washington State, the Columbia Gorge, was formed in 2004. It spans the Columbia River, separating the states of Washington…

Southern Oregon wine: Oregon's up-and-coming region

The Southern Oregon appellation is little-known outside of the state, but is home to some wonderful wineries, and some intimate tasting experiences.

Oregon - the Willamette Valley: a winegrowing cusp

The Willamette Valley in Oregon is one of those regions you wouldn't expect to be able to grow grapes at all, but it produces pinot noir and syrah wines that…

How to accept a bottle of wine at the table

Understanding the ritual of ordering and accepting a bottle of wine at a nice restaurant helps make it a fast and painless process.

Old World vs. New World wine styles

The terms Old World and New World are used to describe where a wine comes from, but also the style in which the wine is produced.

The Rhône: Western civilization's first great wine outpost

The wines from the Rhône Valley are among the best in the world.

Champagne: come quickly, I am drinking the stars!

The sparkling wine - or "bubbly" - from Champagne is known throughout the world.

Burgundy: where Pinot Noir is king and Chardonnay is queen

The Burgundy region is a great destination for a more authentic wine tour experience.

Santa Barbara: Southern California's sun-splashed wine wonderland

In Southern California, Santa Barbara is a special wine growing region.

Sonoma County: not just Napa's little brother

Sonoma has come into its own on the world scene as a producer of world-class wine.

Napa Valley: California's first wine country

Many exceptional wines are produced in Napa Valley, the most famous wine region in California.

Mendocino County: California's rustic treasure

Mendocino is fast gaining popularity as a top-tier producer of pinot noir and Alsace varietals in California.

The art of tasting wine

There are established norms within the wine tasting world that have been developed to try to maximize the enjoyment you get from a wine, and to expand your…

Wine: a quick and dirty guide

Taking wine too seriously can ruin one’s enjoyment, while expanding one’s knowledge while understanding the fundamentally unpretentious nature of the juice can…

Bordeaux: The Standard by Which All Other Wine is Judged

There is no more important wine region in the world than Bordeaux.

French wine: the Old World's distinctive flavor

France is synonymous with wine, and visa versa. They are the largest producer of wine in the world (8 billion bottles), have the second-largest vineyard area…