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Amsterdam: Anne Frank, the Secret Annex and the diary

Anne’s bedroom
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Standing in front of Prinsengracht 263-237, it is hard to imagine that the Frank family plus four others were hiding here for two years during the Second World War. Two years of desperation, fear and sitting on top of each other. The youngest daughter of two, Anne, found an escape in writing a diary, which after the end of the war became world famous. In the museum, you can learn more about her exceptional but very sad story. You will see where Anne and her family ate, drank and slept, which makes it all the more real.

Born in 1929, Anne had lived in her home country Germany for only 4 years when her parents Otto and Edith decided to flee to the Netherlands. With the rise of the Nazi regime, they found it too dangerous to live in Germany as a Jewish family. In 1940, the Nazis conquered the Netherlands and two years later the Frank family decided to go into hiding.    

The Secret Annex was an empty section of Otto Frank’s business and turned out to be an almost perfect hideaway. The door to it was hidden behind a bookcase; four employees supported the families with food and clothing. Reading and studying were the only pastimes the families in hiding had, and the situation obviously led to a lot of tension and arguments, which Anne described in her diary in a very genuine and striking way.   

On August 4th 1944, the group was arrested after someone betrayed them (it was never found out who it was). They were all sent to concentration camps; Anne’s father Otto was the only one to survive the camps. One of the helping employees had kept the diary for Anne, in order for it to be published after the war, as she had wished.  

In the museum, the story of Anne, her sister Margot, her parents and the others are central. You can visit the Secret Annex and see the original diary. In addition, the museum organizes exhibitions on human rights related subjects.  

The opening hours are: every day from 9:00 until 21:00. In July and August the museum is open until 22:00. From September 15 until March 14 it is open until 19:00. It is best to book your tickets online: there is always a long queue for the Anne Frank House. You can book the tickets at The entrance fee is 8,50 euros for adults.