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Hovenierstraat, one of the many diamond streets in Antwerp

Spoor Noord, one of the many terraces in town

Antwerp is a paradise for food lovers

Antwerp is home to many famous fashion designers

The remarkable Central Station, close to the diamond area

Antwerp is known for its beautiful façades

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Antwerp: city of gems and diamonds


In less than an hour, you’ll get from Brussels to port town Antwerp, the second biggest city of Belgium. And it’s definitely worth making that little trip, since Antwerp has a large number of gems to offer, the diamond industry only being one of them.

In the historic centre, all the streets lead to the “Grote Markt”, the main and absolutely gorgeous square. At the Grote Markt you will find the impressive city hall and a large statue of Brabo, a Roman soldier that according to legends killed the giant Druon Antigoon and rescued the city from the villain. Do go into all the little medieval side streets around the Grote Markt: they provide you with beautiful façades and chocolate or waffle bars.       

Or why not go for a stroll along the Schelde river, which connects the port with the hinterland. It is a pleasure many locals enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. If you go east from the center, you will find the Chinese Quarter, the Diamond Quarter and the remarkable Central Station. The bustling China Town is guarded by four white marble lions, and behind those you will find a large number of great Chinese restaurants and shops.  

The Antwerp diamond industry is unique in its size and will absolutely astonish you. The shiny and high quality diamond shops are to be found just outside of the Central Station. The Diamond Museum at the Koningin Astridplein is another top destination when it comes to diamonds: here you will find replicas of the British crown jewels and the famous diamond ECC tennis racket.

If you are a fashion lover, Antwerp is your stop. Antwerp is one of the capitals of innovative fashion, thanks to a highly credited design school. The city is home to famous designers like Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela and Dries Van Noten. You will find their flagship stores in Antwerp, right along other interesting boutiques with top brands or one-off, exclusive clothing. Best shopping areas are the Quartier Latin, ‘t Zuid and the Nationalestraat, the street that connects the historic centre with ‘t Zuid. In the Nationalestraat, you will also find the Fashion Museum (Mode Museum) and the famous design school.  Quartier Latin and ‘t Zuid are also the best places to go to for a glass of champagne or a splendid Belgian dinner.