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Be astonished by the Jungfrau mountain scenery

Wengen, a traffic-free resort in the Bernese Oberland. View into the Valley of Lauterbrunnen
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The Jungfrau Region is located in the Bernese Oberland and is especially famous for its stunning landscape and majestic alpine mountains. The mountains of Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau are the most impressive ones. These three mountains present the most popular and unmistakable landmarks of the region. 


The Jungfrau Region is a great vacation destination all year round. In the summer, the many mountain paths welcome every passionate hiker. Walking past crystal clear lakes and stunning waterfalls, enjoying spectacular views of a landscape that’s been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage will spoil your senses and make you feel really relaxed.


It’s no secret that the Bernese Alps are a perfect place for winter sports. They offer hundreds of kilometres of ski runs and winter footpaths. So whether you explore the landscape on foot or on skis, you’ll always be amazed by beautiful landscapes and impressive mountain scenery.


A ride on the Jungfrau Railway is a wonderful experience with the spectacular views and the one of a kind engineering achievement that made this transportation line even possible. From Klein Scheidegg, a high mountain pass below the Eiger, the railway takes you steeply up to the Jungfraujoch which is Europe’s highest altitude railway station. During this ride, that will also take you through tunnels inside the Eiger and Mönch, you have the opportunity to marvel at the unique mountain landscape through panoramic windows.


The Jungfrau Region may not be a mecca for cultural activities, but it’s definitely a great place for outdoor sports, relaxing in beautiful nature settings and exploring cosy mountain villages such as Wengen and Mürren. Wengen for instance, is a great holiday resort where you’ll instantly relax upon arrival. The village, that’s been car-free since the 19th century, offers comfortable hotels and above-average hours of sunshine. With plenty of walking trails, mountain cableways and ski slopes in the close surroundings, Wengen is an ideal starting point for your vacation activities.

Also Lauterbrunnen is worth a visit. Located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau amidst a magnificent landscape that is shaped by gigantic mountains, numerous waterfalls (the Staubbach Falls and Truemmelbach Falls being the most impressive ones) and alpine meadows, this place is the pinnacle of an idyllic vacation destination.


Whatever your heart desires in regard to outdoor activities, enjoying culinary delights or savouring the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of this place, the Jungfrau region will surely make your holiday purely relaxing.


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