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Belgium, top destination for top cuisine


Perhaps it is just a rumor, but some people say that Belgium has the best restaurants of Europe. Beyond a doubt it is a top destination for anyone who loves food. Whether you go to Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, or somewhere in between, you will find excellent restaurants without a problem. Do as the Belgians and go for long, copious lunches, enjoying excellent wines, or indulge in evening long, five or six course dinners.  

A great place to start your gastronomic journey is in Belgium’s capital Brussels. Try local delights like truffles, mussels and other fish delicacies. Brussels is also home to the delicious waffles, although you can find them all over Belgium. One of the best waffle restaurants is in Ghent, at Max (Gouden Leeuwplein 3), right next to the gorgeous Saint Bavo Church. Try your waffle with warm chocolate, cream, banana or strawberry. One of the best treats you can imagine!      

Belgium is probably best known for its amazing chocolate, called “pralines”, which means that they are filled with caramel, pistachio, or any other delight. You will find traditional chocolate boutiques in every single town, but the true chocolate addicts should go to Bruges, self-acclaimed capital of chocolate. In this absolutely gorgeous city you will find no less than 50 artisanal chocolate makers.

The local fries is another snack that locals and tourists are mad about. Try them at local fries shops called the “frietkot”. The thick and salty fries are best with the lemon-tasting mayonnaise.        

The ultimate way to finish your day is at one of the many bars Belgium has. Locals love going “op café”, as they call it. Indulge yourself in Belgium’s great beer culture; Belgium is famous for its wide range of locally brewed beers. Try a “Kriek” or a “Stella Artois”, or go for a tasting at any of the specialized beer taverns.