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The Pergamon Temple – only one highlight of the featured exhibitions on the Museum Island

The Museum Island is complex of five internationally significant museums.

Hotspot for multiculturism and vibrant city life - Berlin Kreuzberg

East Side Gallery – the world’s longest open-air gallery

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most famous landmark

The largest collection of Bauhaus objects - Architecture and art of the 20th century

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Berlin – a stronghold for culture, art and architecture


To start your city tour through Berlin, we recommend the Brandenburg Gate, located at the end of the beautiful Unter den Linden – Boulevard as your starting point. You’ll find this famous landmark in close proximity to other significant sights such as the Victory Column, the Reichstag (home to the German Parliament), Potsdam Square and Checkpoint Charlie (once a border crossing between East and West Berlin).


With over 200 museums, Berlin offers a great selection of renowned museums. A must-see would definitely be Museum Island. Museum Island alone will keep you busy and fascinated for at least a day on your sightseeing tour through Berlin. This museum compound accommodates one of the worlds most distinguished archaeological and art collections that cover 6.000 years of European, African and Asian History. The Museum Island is also home to the Pergamon Museum (Pergamon frieze, Market Gate of Miletus), the Bode Museum and the Old National Gallery (featuring works of Classicism to early Modernism). At the Egyptian Museum, also located on the Museum Island, the world-famous bust of Queen Nefertiti with its enchanting aura of timeless beauty can be seen. Also the much visited Jewish Museum, built by the renowned architect Daniel Liebeskind, accommodates a remarkable exhibition that elucidates on the darkest chapter in Germany’s history. Other recommended museums are the Bauhaus Archive, themed collections at the Martin-Gropius-Bau and the New National Gallery.

To escape this mass of arts and culture, Berlin offers around 200 km of waterside paths and thirteen lakes in the middle of the city and in the suburban areas. So when your feet hurt from walking around, just get on a cruise boat and continue exploring Berlin from the water while enjoying the traditional beer called Berliner Weisse. A walk through Berlin’s great urban park called the Tiergarten will make you forget that you’re in the middle of a pulsating metropolis. Inside Tiergarten, the Bellevue Castle, residence of the German President, is located. The notable Victory Column as well as other impressive monuments that bear witness of Prussian history can be seen on a walk through this great park.


An architectural uniqueness that bears witness to a different time in Berlin’s and Germany’s history is the Berlin Wall. Parts of it remain today as they appear in different places throughout the city. However, we recommend the East Side Gallery in Berlin-Friedrichshain for a visit. There, segments of the Berlin Wall have been turned into the world’s longest open-air gallery. Painted by more than 100 artists from 21 different countries, the East Side Gallery, located along the banks of the river Spree, features mainly political art.


Berlin offers an endless variety of things to do and see. Whether you are into art, architecture, sightseeing or strolling through nature, you find it all here. You need more than one day to experience a glimpse of the many facets that Berlin offers.