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Cardero’s Restaurant review

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By: Jonathon Reynolds


Cardero’s Restaurant is located right off the seawall walk overlooking Coal Harbour with great views of the marina, Brockton Point in Stanley Park and the North Shore mountains beyond. Having walked and biked by Cardero’s many times, I was looking forward to dining with such a great view. But this is Vancouver and when we arrived rain was falling in steady sheets washing across the marina and totally obscuring the North Shore mountains. Even with this weather though, the view from our window side table was great. We could see across to the park and could watch boats come and go in the harbour. Every 20 minutes or so until dark a seaplane roared in or took off in a showy display – something was always happening. 


But the view was only part of why we were here – the food was the main attraction. And it is a great attraction. I decided to eat very classic west coast, Caesar Salad, cedar plank cooked salmon and crème brûlée, combined of course with BC cider. It was all great, but the real standout was the salmon.