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Choosing the right hotel In New York City





    When planning a trip to New York, the first two questions a person should ask themselves are “How much do I want to spend?” and “How important are the accommodations?” Some people come to the city thinking that they can make do with the most threadbare of accommodations, that all they need is a bed and they’re fine. After all, this is New York, how much time will  they actually be in their rooms anyway? That logic may work for adventurous kids out of college, but not the rest of us. For most travelers, where they stay is an integral part of the whole vacation experience.

    If New York has always been your dream trip, then make it perfect by biting the bullet and spending that extra money on one of the city’s renowned luxury hotels. A five-star hotel sets a tone of indulgent comfort and top-notch service for your visit and offers extras that you will remember forever. Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes in New York, from the historic elegance and white-glove sophistication of The Plaza, the Waldorf or The Pierre, to the modern, sleek and uber-chic atmosphere of the Hotel Gansevoort, Mandarin Oriental or The Setai Fifth Avenue.

    While that rarefied air may not be in reach for most of us, there are plenty of hotels in New York that offer great accommodations and all the usual services and amenities, along with trusted brand names such as Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton.

     By the numbers


    With 1,980 rooms, the Hilton New York is the city’s largest hotel by number of rooms, followed closely by the New York Marriott Marquis with 1,949. Rounding out the top five are the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers (1,750), Hotel Pennsylvania (1,700) and the Grand Hyatt New York (1,311).

    Most of the major hotels are located in Midtown Manhattan dotted along both the east and west sides with the nexus being the area in and around Times Square. While the locations are convenient, you may want to unwind far from the madding crowd and get a taste of other parts of Manhattan. Over the last decade or so, the boutique hotel market has boomed with dozens of smaller, distinctive properties popping up all over the city. These range from ultra-luxurious to no-frills economy and can be found in every Manhattan neighborhood.

    Of course, a hotel in Manhattan may not fill the needs of some travelers--it could be the prices or maybe they’re traveling with kids or planning on doing a lot of driving. Whatever the case, there are a number of fine hotels in Queens clustered around both airports, as well as some newer properties opening up in Brooklyn just a hop, skip and a jump away from “the city.” Visitors planning a longer stay in New York may also want to look into apartment exchanges or residential hotels. Whatever individual needs a person has, they can be accommodated in New York.


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