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Famous guard at the Rhineland Carnival

Panorama view of Cologne by night

Western bank of the Rhine, Hohenzollern Bridge

Cathedral and Cathedral Square

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Cologne – a metropolis on the Rhine River linking history and modern spirit


Situated on the Rhine River, close to the Dutch and Belgian border, Cologne has been one of the most important economic and cultural places in Europe from the Middle Ages to the present. With a population of over a million people, Cologne is among the biggest cities in Germany.

Cologne cathedral, one of the tallest Gothic cathedrals in the world, is one of the most visited landmarks in Germany.  It gives evidence of the city’s importance in the late Middle Ages. It is almost unbelievable that it took over 600 years to build this breathtaking church. However, there is much more to Cologne than famous old architecture. There are numerous museums, beautiful park landscapes, a zoo, and world-famous art fairs. Furthermore, a lively music and theatre scene, festivals and an exciting nightlife make Cologne a vibrant city and great travel destination.

Cologne is a carnival stronghold and most people here take celebrating the fifth season (carnival season) very seriously. Especially towards the end of the carnival season in February, the Rhenish party mood knows no limits. Visitors, who have no idea of what this German carnival tradition is like, have to come and experience it in Cologne: Cologne carnival is an unmatched spectacle that takes over the entire city. When travelling to Cologne, it is mandatory to visit the traditional bars in the area around Old Market Square and Heumarkt Square. Also the large brewery taverns scattered throughout the historic quarter are fun to visit.

We recommend a cruise on the river Rhine, the most convenient way to get a perfect view of the skyline of Cologne and its eight bridges. Don’t miss the bustling domestic port, which is the largest one of its kind in Europe.

Open, friendly and uncomplicated: that's Cologne!