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Switzerland is best known for its beautiful and unique landscape – alpine mountains, lakes, glaciers, valleys and pastures. That makes the country a perfect destination for anyone who loves nature. There is much emphasis on outdoor sports in Switzerland year round. Whether you’d like to hike, sail, ski, snowboard, cycle, windsurf, paraglide or swim, the country’s diverse landscape will match with all of your desires for outdoor activities.


Skiing is probably the most popular sport in Switzerland for tourists and locals alike. There are numerous ski resorts that all have a charm of their own. If you look for the isolated, picturesque and quieter skiing destinations, the village of Mürren – a picture-perfect-resort that is located in the Bernese Oberland is truly unique. Mürren can only be reached by cable car and it’s a great starting point for the demanding slopes of the Schilthorn mountain. Also Zermatt (at the foot of the Matterhorn) , Klosters (near Davos) and Arosa (probably the most isolated of eastern Switzerland’s resorts) offer vast alpine meadows, dramatic slopes and aren’t overrun by ski tourism. If you are looking for some fun activities off the slopes, such as music festivals, nightlife, shopping and people-watching, St. Moritz, Gstaad and Davos may be more suitable for your winter vacation.


Vacationing in Switzerland without hiking the Swiss mountains seems almost impossible! From early spring to late autumn, the mountainous landscapes and valleys are a true hikers’ paradise; especially in the regions of Ticino and Engadine. However, you find resorts for hiking throughout Switzerland. Make sure to pick up your hiking map from the local tourist offices to find out about the best trails. On your hikes, strolls and skiing through Switzerland you should visit some to these natural attractions: Rhine Falls (the largest in Europe), the northern wall of the Jungfrau and Eiger (two of the most popular alpine mountains and Swiss landmarks), the Aletsch Glacier (the longest in Europe) as well as Lake Lucerne.


But it’s not all about nature, stunning sceneries and sports. With plenty of theaters, museums, world-renowned orchestras, historic architecture and a vivid art scene, Switzerland’s cities offer a vibrant cultural life and many attractions. Especially during the summer, music and film festivals as well as folklore events take place and give an exciting insight onto Swiss traditions.


You will also love Switzerland’s cities for their widespread opportunities for sightseeing, relaxing walks through medieval city centers as well as exciting upscale shopping sprees. For instance, Bern is famous for its arcade dominated and well-preserved old town. Geneva is a center of arts and culture. And Zurich is known for a thriving nightlife. Wandering the palm-lined promenades in Ascona, Lugano and Locarno (Ticino) is an ultimate summer pleasure. And discovering the Swiss lakes on board the historic paddle-wheel steamers, and enjoying stunning views with the sensational backdrop of the mountains will create one of those unique Swiss moments for you. The castles of Chillon (near Montreux), Gruyère, Bellinzona and Schloss Thun as well as the Abbey of St. Gallen are architectural treasures and must-sees that bear witness to Switzerland’s splendid and rich history.


There is so much to see and do in Switzerland that you’ll hardly run out of exciting pastime activities - whether it’d be sports, sightseeing or simply relaxing. Your entire family will be enthusiastic about Heidi’s homeland for sure.



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