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Culture, sports and pure recreation – Welcome to Geneva

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Geneva, beautifully located near the Alpine mountains on the shore of Lake Geneva, fascinates its visitors with architectural beauty, international flair and a multitude of things to see and do. It is great to explore the many facets of this city, like walking along the lakeside promenades, visiting the countless parks, enjoying the lively streets of the Old Town and exploring Geneva’s history of watch-making and its long-standing tradition in being an important centre for international diplomacy.


The Old Town of Geneva, which bears witness to over 2000 years of history, is dominated by St. Peter’s Cathedral. It is worth climbing the 157 steps to the top - you’ll be awarded with a spectacular view of the city and the lake. Furthermore the historic city centre is home to countless art galleries, museums, antique shops and other sights. In Grand-Rue for example, the philosopher Jean-Jaques Rousseau was born. Nowadays, the exhibition “Espace Rousseau” (located in his birth house) reminds visitors of Geneva’s most famous citizen and provides much information on Rousseau’s fascinating life as a thinker, writer and musician. Other museums, that are highly recommended are the International Museum of the Red Cross (the only museum dedicated to the history and work of this organization) and the Patek-Philippe Museum (the place to discover the origins of Swiss and European watchmaking over the centuries). Furthermore, if you are into the arts, the Mamco, the youngest and largest contemporary art museum in Switzerland, reflects the diversity of the international art scene. Since its opening in 1983, it has gained a great international reputation.


To take some time off from sightseeing, shopping and museum visits, the lakeshore offers great opportunities and a scenic backdrop for relaxation in one of the many cafés and for outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging or walking. The city’s parks are beautiful places of tranquility and very inviting for long walks. At “Park La Grange” for example, the rose garden with over 200 types of roses is a real highlight. At the “English Garden”, you’ll find the large and ever blooming flower clock – one of the city’s landmarks.

In order to experience the “International Geneva”, which is home to more than 200 international organizations including the headquarters of the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization, World Trade Organization as well as the European seat of the United Nations, visit the “Place des Nations” and the “Palais des Nations”. It is best to book a guided Geneva City Tour for this purpose. That way, you won’t just visit the places but will also be introduced to the organizations’ work.


Geneva offers anything from cultural activities to relaxing pastimes. No matter what you do, you’ll be awarded with landscape, architecture and history.


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