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Cycling through the Lavaux vineyards near Lausanne

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By Jonathon Reynolds 


The fantastic train network in Switzerland means that a few hours after you land at Geneva Airport you can be whisked away to the mountains or lakeside on a comfortable train through impeccably cared for countryside. We took the train to Lausanne, home of the Olympic museum; a comfortable city nestled on the shore of the lake.


We quickly explored the lower town and then hopped on the train again – this time with rented bikes - to a town a few kilometres down the lakeshore. The train passed through a short tunnel and we emerged on the far side into a different countryside. Terraced vineyards dropped in haphazard levels down to the lake.


Between the vineyards a network of concrete paths and a few narrow roads provided an almost endless variety of cycle routes – routes almost completely free from traffic. The train station was high above the lake and we lazily coasted down gentle inclines through dozens of vineyards for a couple of hours. 


We stopped in a few small vineyards for a taste of the local wines. These small family owned vineyards produce amazingly complex wines. Many of them are not available outside of Switzerland – the Swiss know how to keep a good secret!

As we slowly descended alongside rose framed vineyards to the lake shore we drew closer to the town of Vevey. In Vevey we once again got on the train, back to Lausanne. After dropping off the rental bikes at the train station we wandered along the waterfront looking over at the mountains in Evian, France and talked over our plans for the next few days.


Local Vineyards:

Alexandre Chappuis & Fils -
Blaise Duboux -



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