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Labrador Heritage Museum in North West River

Appreciate the life of a lighthouse keeper with a tour of the Point Amour Lighthouse & properties

Gateway to Labrador offers lots of information about the province

Battle Harbour—a place like nowhere else

History afloat - Icebergs in the Labrador Current are thousands of years old.

A Basque whaler at Red Bay National Historic site

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Day trips in Labrador provide a lifetime of memories

Visit the Labrador Coastal Drive (410 kilometres), explore and relax. Surrounded by the echoes of Labrador’s past, listen carefully. Overhear stories of exploitation and profit by 16th-century Basque fisherman and join the beat of local traditions generations in the making.


With 9,000 years of mystery beneath each step, you’ll retrace the historic lives of those that discovered this land.


Day 1: Visit Gateway to Labrador in L’Anse-au-Clair, a restored turn-of-the-century church, for information about the people and places locals know best. Climb the 128 steps of the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada overlooking Iceberg Alley and view the wreckage of the British warship, HMS Raleigh at Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site.


Day 2: Discover the unique 16th-century story of oil production for the lamps of Europe at Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada. Then venture out to a restored fishing village, on a tiny island called Battle Harbour—another National Historic Site of Canada. Explore some of the many historic and community hiking trails for splendid views of the land and sea, and a look at nature close-up.


Day 3: Head inland to Happy Valley-Goose Bay where you’ll find "Them Days" Inc., publishers of a quarterly magazine dedicated to documenting and preserving Labrador history. The Labrador Institute of Northern Studies (located at the College of the North Atlantic) should be next on your list. It has loads of artifacts and historical photos. Admission to both of these places is free!


Day 4: Next stop, North West River where you’ll find two gems: the Labrador Heritage Museum is housed in the 1923 Hudson Bay Company Building, and is loaded with artifacts and the Labrador Interpretation Centre is where you’ll discover the founding peoples of Labrador – Innu, Inuit, Metis and Settlers. In the permanent exhibition room you’ll hear the voices and see works of art and artifacts from each of these cultures. You'll also explore our ancient Aboriginal history and see how we live our lives today. Special events and temporary exhibitions are presented throughout the year.


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