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Rotterdam: De Kunsthal - a top museum with mindboggling exhibitions


The inside entrance of Kunsthal
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Both from the inside as well as the outside, Rotterdam’s Kunsthal (Art Hall) is a treat for all five senses.  Kunsthal Rotterdam is housed in a 3300 m2 building designed by critically acclaimed and world renowned architect Rem Koolhaas. Echoing Rotterdam’s spirit of celebrating anything contemporary or cutting edge, the building is a true celebration of modern architecture.

De Kunsthal serves as a multifunctional exposition space including, but not limited to, paintings, sculpture, architecture, fashion and media. Contemporary art, both in traditional shape and in digital form are on display in halls that are pieces of art in themselves. Kunsthal Rotterdam is a concept that makes for a truly interactive and intercultural experience, completely at home in Holland’s most off-beat and modern city.
De Kunsthal makes for a truly interactive museum experience and even offers cooking workshops. Kunsthal Rotterdam is a great way of introducing your child to art. At least once a year, an exhibition primarily intended for families takes place. Throughout the year, your children will enjoy the interactive side of art while digging for Roman treasures, gawking at animatronic dinosaurs or making their own art. This makes De Kunsthal the perfect alternative for normal museums that are far more one-dimensional: at De Kunsthal you experience art.
While very approachable in terms of general character and exhibits, even ‘serious art lovers’ will be impressed by De Kunsthal’s special exhibitions. De Kunsthal organizes for instance exhibitions on Edvard Munch’s work, most famous for his evocative painting “The Scream”.