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Dining at Hawksworth Restaurant – an experience for all the senses.


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The Hawksworth Restaurant has a great location in the newly renovated Rosewood Hotel Georgia. You can tell that the interior design and building cost a lot and this level of investment sets the tone for dining at Hawksworth. From the original and funky art on the walls to the sculpted ceiling and almost retro furniture, it seems that everything at Hawksworth has been considered.


I can’t speak for the wine list (we did not drink with our dinner), but there is a sommelier on staff and an impressive wine room to match the eclectic wine list.


The food is impressive and unique. From the Bartlett pear salad through the entree of Crispy Maple Hill Chicken to a dessert of crème brûlée, everything was tasty and well presented as well as well put together.  I was a bit surprised by the practice of charging for bread – something I have not seen much outside of Eastern Europe and I wish we could have had wine with dinner but as I was driving it was not possible for me to drink that evening.


There were only two slightly off notes to the evening – there is a two hour dinner limit and it seems strictly enforced. It did not affect us but we did overhear some other diners complaining that they had been asked to leave – not what you expect in this type of restaurant. Service was a bit slower than we expected, especially given the time constraint of two hours for dinner.