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Discover the culinary highlights of Bern

The historic Kornhauskeller impresses with a late-Baroque church-like setting
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Even though Bern has a relatively small population (130.000), it is the Swiss capital and an important city for many international organizations and diplomats which ensures a great market for fantastic restaurants. Besides regional specialties, Bern offers a great variety of international cuisine and the diversity of restaurants ranges from modern styled gourmet to historic rustic. But if you are in for the real Swiss taste, then a visit to one of the charming country inns on the outskirts should delight you.

Highly recommended is a visit to the Old Tram Depot, a restaurant, brewery and beer garden in one. The homemade beer and hearty food taste great and are real German-Swiss treats. During the summer months, a visit to the beer garden, from where you have a fantastic scenic postcard-like look of Bern, offers a very pleasant atmosphere.

A visit to the Rose Garden, an elevated park, from where you have an excellent view of the Old Town and also get to see hundreds of varieties of roses, irises and rhododendrons, may very well be combined with a visit to the restaurant Rosengarten. This fine eating place features a traditional yet modern cuisine. Other great eating places that offer tasty food combined with a unique atmosphere are the modern styled Schwellenmaetteli (with a glass terrace built into the river) and the historic Kornhauskeller that impresses with a late-Baroque church-like setting. Both places serve traditional Swiss and Mediterranean dishes.

Traditional dishes that are really worth trying while you are in the Bernese region are a Swiss fondue and Roesti (grated and fried potato). Also the Bernese hazelnut lebkuchen is a popular delicious treat. The best one is said to be served at the Confiserie Eichenberg. This cozy coffee house also offers a great choice of wonderful pastries and cakes; perfect setting for tea time in the afternoon.

Remember that the Swiss are most famous for their chocolate? Bern is no different from the other Swiss cities. The famous Toblerone-Chocolate was invented in Bern by Theodor Tobler in 1908.


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