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Dive into fun on Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach at sunrise
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There’s just a stretch of buildings between bustling Kalakaua Avenue and Waikiki Beach which includes a few hotels, some high-end shopping, and an ABC Store or two. Walk along Kalakaua Avenue and you’ll see bronzed beachgoers in bikinis and board shorts, still sandy from the beach, rubbing elbows with shoppers in high heels. Step off the sidewalk onto the most famous stretch of sand in Hawaii and you’ll find visitors from around the world, local beach boys, sunbathers, surfers, and beachcombers all gathered to soak up some fun in the sun. 


Oceanfront bars spill out onto the sand, offering a place to indulge in a fancy mixed drink, coupled with some of the best people watching in the islands. If you’re ready for a little action, you’ve got plenty to choose from. No need to plan ahead for this one; you can arrange for any of these adventures at various concession stands right on the beach.

Surfboard rentals and lessons: The easy waves of Waikiki Beach make this a great place to learn to hang ten. The famed Duke Kahanamoku once taught surf lessons here. Today, suntanned and fit beach boys share their love of the sport with anyone who wants to learn. (Make sure to look for the Duke Kahanamoku statue near Kuhio Beach Park.)

Standup paddle boarding: The fast growing sport of paddle boarding gives you the chance to balance on a board that’s a bit bigger than a standard surfboard. You’ll use paddles to maneuver your way across the water.

Outrigger Canoe: You’ll be expected to paddle along with your guides when you hop into a traditional outrigger canoe. With a crew of six or eight you’ll head for the break and paddle hard to catch some waves.

Catamaran: Here’s your chance to just relax and enjoy the water. Sail on a large catamaran and watch as the shoreline goes by. You might get lucky and see some of Hawaii’s water creatures, too.

Beach gear: In addition to activities, you’ll be able to rent beach gear like chairs and umbrellas to make your day more comfortable. Don’t forget the sunscreen!