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Dresden: explore Saxon cities and landmarks.

Meissen – a wine growing region and famous for porcelain manufacturing
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Besides the spectacular architecture and art exhibitions that the old city centre of Dresden offers in plenty, there is much more to see outside of town. 

In the Neustadt (New Town) district the Pfunds Dairy is an attraction of a different kind. This dairy shop, which first opened in 1880, is according to the Guinness Book of Records “the most beautiful dairy shop in the world”. The room’s walls, floor and shop counter are entirely decorated with hand-painted tiles that were produced in the art department of the renowned stoneware factory Villeroy and Boch, which was founded in Dresden. 


The beautiful Elbe landscape with its broad riverbanks is a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying nature. To get from Dresden to Pillnitz, where we recommend visiting the Pillnitz Castle, it only takes about an hour by bike. Along the idyllic riverside, you pass vineyards, the Elbe Palaces, beer gardens and picturesque little villages. Once you arrive in Pillnitz, the castle will have you captivated. It's architecture is Asian-style and was once used as the summer residence of the Saxon monarchs. It is majestically located directly on the Elbe waterfront. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful baroque park that reminds one of an English landscape garden. The 200-year-old Japanese camelia is a magnet for visitors.


During the summer, we recommend exploring this beautiful river on board one of the boats of the nostalgic steam paddle wheeler fleet.


By car, it takes about 30 minutes to get to Meissen, another beautiful and famous Saxon city that is located on the Elbe River. To most people, Meissen is known for its porcelain factory that has produced valuable masterpieces since 1710. Guided tours through the factory are offered daily. The skyline of Meissen is dominated by the impressive Albrechtsburg Castle. Beneath the hill on which the castle is located, Meissen’s old quarter with a market square offers a great variety of little shops and traditional coffee houses.


Other places of interest perfect for exploring the beautiful surrounding of Dresden, are the Moritzburg Palace and its baroque hunting lodge as well as the city of Radebeul. This “villa town” that exudes somewhat a Mediterranean flair offers cosy little cafés and shops. From here, you can take walks into the nearby vineyards.