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Built into the lake – the Hotel Palafitte in Neuchâtel
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Besides being the watch-making capital and the world’s best chocolate manufacturer, Switzerland is also called the “nation of hotel keepers”. That gives you an idea of the country’s great hospitality and variety in accommodation. Whether you look for a typical Swiss hotel, or one with spa treatments, historic atmosphere, located at the water front, featuring lifestyle and a high design interior, child-friendly services or even true farm life adventure… Swiss hotels offer a great range of everything to suit your vacation.

Switzerland welcomes about 20 million tourists each year and while most of them stay in hotels (from low-budget to the ultimate luxury-class), there are a number of travelers who look for something unique; e.g. the ultimate Swiss experience. One such unique option is accommodation on a farm or in an Alpine hut. This may sound Spartan to you, but your kids will love the adventure of sleeping in a hay bed and being surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains and farm life. Staying overnight on a farm or in a hut, doesn’t necessarily mean you miss out on comfort. There are also offerings of wellness treatments and culinary indulgence programs and other amenities.

Also quite unusual is the idea of staying overnight in a monastery. You can do so in St. Niklausen, Romont, Neuchâtel or Näfels for instance. The cloisters and abbeys are still in use and administered by monks and nuns. They are fantastic places of contemplation that make your vacation a calm anchor.

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