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Enjoy the Lausanne mix of shopping and relaxation

Weekly market on Place de la Palud in Lausanne
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While in Lausanne, make sure to schedule in some time to explore the shopping side of the city. The combination of picturesque narrow streets and nicely decorated stores (all within walking distance) make shopping in Lausanne a relaxing spare time activity. Between shops you’ll love to take a little break on one of the terraces and tea rooms. You won’t find the big city hustle in Lausanne. Instead, you find an exclusive presentation of goods from international top brands to local “made in Switzerland” products.

The Old Town offers any kind of store, from fashion to food and souvenirs, especially clock making. The specialist trade fairs and different markets offer a great range of products. Open-air markets have a long tradition and are quite common in Lausanne, not least because the countryside is so nearby. Most markets take place on a weekly or monthly basis. A stroll through the Sunday market in Ouchy (waterfront) or a visit to the flea market (Place Chauderon) and craft market (Place de la Palud) are wonderful little excursions to get to know the town and its people.

If you are looking for glamorous and luxurious goods, you’ll find numerous international top brands such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier in Lausanne’s city centre on “rue de Bourg” and the surrounding streets. The best selection of handmade souvenirs from the region can be found at Heidi’s Shop. Also the Swiss Art Shop offers unique souvenirs such as ceramics, textiles and woodwork; all made by local artisans. If you want to look into buying a Swiss watch, we recommend a visit to the store of Roman Mayer with a great selection of Omegas, Junods and Blancpain watches. It is also possible to visit to the Junod shop, an elegant “Swiss brands only” watch shop with a small authentic watch making museum. 


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