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Locals love to escape from Berlin and enjoy relaxing spare time in one of the parks nearby lakes and rivers

Berlin offers a great variety of upscale eateries – you are spoilt for choice

Enjoy your dinner or drink while overlooking Berlin – e.g. Reichstag restaurant or TV Tower

Currywurst with fries is a real Berlin specialty

Café Einstein exudes the charm of 19th century coffee houses

Berliner Weisse – a true Berlin drink made of sour beer and flavored syrup

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Experience Berlin from a culinary angle

 Besides its historical associations and many sights, Berlin is best known for its internationalism, vibrant nightlife, the many cafés, clubs and restaurants. When it comes to culinary delights, a city of such size and reputation offers its own local specialties as well as up-scale places to eat that deliver with unusual location, great food and endless diversity. Eating out in Berlin is relatively inexpensive compared to other Western European cities.

Let’s talk about what the locals love to drink and eat and be aware that typical Berlin dishes are mostly very hearty, a bit heavy and very down-to-earth.


First, the Currywurst is a true staple in Berlin’s street food cuisine. This type of bratwurst is served with a sauce made of ketchup and curry, fries or a bread roll. It is simple yet a very popular and great tasting dish - perfect for a quick snack, when you don’t have much time. Even though Currywurst is sold all over town by street vendors, there are three places that are especially famous for their way of making Currywurst; “Konnopke’s Imbiss”, “Imbiss Ku’damm 195” (add a glass of champagne to your currywurst) and “Curry 36”. Other popular dishes made of sausage and pork are “Bockwurst” (a brewed sausage that was originally eaten with bock beer) or Eisbein (cooked pork) served with Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and mustard.


A true Berlin drink is the “Berliner Weisse”. Especially during the summer, locals love this refreshing drink, which is a mixture of a sour wheat beer and flavoured syrup. Its recipe dates back to the 16th century and for a long time, during the 19th century, Berliner Weisse used to be the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin.

If you like it much more upscale and want to experience a touch of Old Berlin, then visit one of the coffee houses that still exude the charm of yesteryear and are reminiscent  of 19th century Vienna. Berlin, once an intellectual centre for writers, philosophers and artists, looks back on a great tradition of coffee houses. The “Café Einstein”, located near the tourist magnet of Checkpoint Charlie, is one of these old-fashioned yet elegant places with a real classy Old Europe feel. Besides great coffee, the Café Einstein is said to serve Berlin’s best apple strudel and Schnitzel.


Either at the beginning or at the end of your Berlin stay, a restaurant visit at one of the monuments with an observation deck is a true experience. Enjoy great German cuisine while dining above the roofs of Berlin. The TV Tower, the tallest tower in Germany, for instance has a rotating restaurant, from where you get to overlook 360 degrees of Berlin. Also on top of the Reichstag, with its enormous and impressive glass dome designed by Norman Forster, you find a restaurant that is run by the legendary German delicatessen retailer “Käfer”.