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Explore Amsterdam by bike and boat


It is a wonderful experience to just stroll around Amsterdam’s canals and the surrounding areas. The city is easy to get around and while walking you have time to appreciate the beautiful details of the canal houses. But don’t only stay on the land. Enjoy a relaxing and pleasant time on the water while getting a completely different perspective on the canal houses.

There a various ways to get around on the water. The easiest way is to join a boat tour. You can find all kinds of boat tours: one hour, three hours, Amsterdam by night. You can also rent your own boat and go and explore yourself. Be aware that traffic rules also apply on the water. If you do not keep right for instance, the water police can come after you.  If you feel like having a water workout, rent a water bike.  Canal Bike rents out water bikes for 7-8 euros per person per hour. Canal Bike has various hop-on hop-off spots in the city, so you can tour as long as you like.  

Taking a tour on a regular bike is another great way to explore the city. There is a large number of bicycle rental places. A nice one is Yellow Bike, with three locations in the center. This company rents out bikes for 11 euros per 24 hours. It also organizes bike tours and provides a drop-off service: they drop off and pick up your bike wherever you are staying in town.  For more information, visit

Biking in Amsterdam can be challenging: it is busy, bicyclists, cars and trams come from all directions, and streets can be narrow. So if you do not feel comfortable bicycling around, but you would like the bicycle experience, go for a bike taxi. A bike taxi driver gets you around, while you sit in the back. You can negotiate a price with the driver, but count on 10 euros for a 15 minute ride. The bike taxis are everywhere in the center, so you won't have a problem finding one.