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Explore Munich’s most famous shopping districts

One of Munich’s many shopping miles
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There is a lot of shopping to do in Munich! Whether you are interested in boutiques in the university area, century-old street markets, second-hand bookshops or the glamour of international haute couture in Munich's central shopping streets Maximilianstraße or Theatinerstraße: the various shopping areas offer something for everybody's taste and budget. 

Shopping in the main city center is easy: there are four major shopping districts just footsteps away from each other: 


  • Maximilianstrasse is Munich’s most exclusive shopping area, with internationally known luxury shops and boutiques, including the haute-couture store Mooshammer, with its only location in Munich.
  • Theatinerstrasse und Fuenf Hoefe: This street is also well known for luxurious shopping, but is also home to many little cafes, bistros and restaurants. 
  • Kaufingerstrasse is the boulevard between Marienpaltz and Karlsplatz/Stachus. This street is open to pedestrians only and leads you right to the “Arkarden”, a roof covered alley with more neat little shops and cafes. 
  • Sendlinger Strasse is one of the oldest and smallest, but most traditional shopping districts including many family-run smaller retailing shops. A huge variety of local arts and crafts can be found here. This little area is the perfect place to shop for unique souvenirs. 


Check out the Glockenbachviertel, one of Munich’s most picturesque areas and clearly the best area to look for something different. The area is the home to many gay and lesbians; therefore its bars, stores and boutiques are very exclusive, unique and trendy. 


Schwabing is where the students live and shop. It is also home to many artists, intellectuals and writers. On the Kaiserstrasse, Hohenzollernstrasse, Ainmillerstrasse and Franz-Joseph-Strasse you will find plenty of unique boutiques, bookstores, jewelry stores and even a little victuals market: The Elisabethmarkt, located right at Elisabethplatz sells fresh produce, breads, cheese, and other local products. 


Go check out the district Maxvorstadt, home of the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet, and many students. Plenty of second hand shops, bookstores, affordable pubs and boutiques can be found on Schellingstrasse and Tuerkenstrasse.


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