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Explore the 4,000-acre Kualoa Ranch

All Terrain Vehicles exploring the ranch.
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This family-owned operation is a working cattle ranch, but you won’t be rounding up any wayward cows on your visit. Situated 45 minutes from bustling Honolulu, Kualoa Ranch offers visitors a chance to see the wild side of Oahu via a variety of tours that traverse parts of the 4,000-acre ranch. Whether you opt to saddle up and explore on horseback, take a wild ride on an ATV or 6-wheel Swiss Pinzgauer, or cruise the water in a flat-bottomed boat, you’ll enjoy some impressive vistas and learn a little bit about the ranch and its history. 


The ranch is a popular film location and movies like 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park, and Godzilla filmed on location here, as did the TV series LOST and Hawaii 5-0. Kaaawa Valley, where much of the filming takes place, is stunningly gorgeous, but the movie sites tour falls a bit flat; there’s really nothing more to see than signs signifying filming spots.

The other tours are more worthwhile. Traverse steep hillsides, cross streambeds, and rumble (or trot) along jungle trails where your guide might stop to harvest guava for you to sample or point out an item of historical significance. The Pinzgauer drivers take great pleasure in giving visitors an exciting ride, so hang on to your hat! If you take to the water with a tour of the fishponds, you’ll not only learn about the impressive aquaculture system once used by ancient Hawaiians, but you’ll get to see the dock where the LOST submarine picked up passengers.

There’s a gift shop on site as well as a cafeteria-style restaurant that serves up grass-fed beef.