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Explore the many facets of Lausanne’s culinary selection

Lake Geneva region is known for finest wines
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In Lausanne, gourmets will find their culinary desires fulfilled. The Lake Geneva Region is not just known for fine wines, cheese, chocolate and other food products but is also home to a number of star-rated restaurants and a wonderful regional cuisine. If you want to explore the region from a culinary point of view, we recommend one of the themed excursions that take you to selected vineyards and restaurants. By combining the pleasure of walking, eating and drinking you get a perfect impression of what the region around Lausanne is all about.

To get an idea of which fresh products are grown and harvested in the region, a visit to the Vaudoise Farm, located in the historic city centre nearby the gothic cathedral, is highly recommended. There, products of over 70 producers are presented and you are welcome to try whatever you like.

Being in Switzerland, you cannot miss out on the chocolate. In Lausanne, we recommend a visit to “Blondel Chocolats Fins”. This chocolaterie, located in the beautiful pedestrian rue du Bourg, looks back on over 150 years of chocolate making. Over 120 types of chocolate to choose from will make you feel like you’re in chocolate heaven.

Lausanne offers a number of really good restaurants that serve Swiss specialties as well as regional cuisine. Make sure you savour some of the regional dishes while you’re in town. For instance a dish called “Papet vaudois”, which is a cabbage-filled sausage with leek gratin. Also fish-dishes made with the Lake Geneva fish, omble chevalier, trout or perch will delight you. In autumn, many of the typical Swiss restaurants serve game dishes.

The famous “Le Café Romand” as well as the Cafe “Du Grutli” are good addresses for great Swiss food. On your stroll through Lausanne’s Old Town, a visit to these long-established and authentic restaurants is recommended, if you like to indulge in a large selection of well-known Swiss dishes from the Vaud region. 

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