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Find accommodation at all prices and stay in the heart of Bern

Breakfast at the Hotel Bellevue in Bern
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Bern offers accommodation for all budgets. However, since Bern is not a big town but is the Swiss capital and a much beloved travel destination, the hotels are usually very well booked. So make sure to make your reservations ahead of time to get a good deal.


You’ll find most hotels in Bern’s Old Town and since the city is laid out so compactly, many hotels, restaurants, clubs and sights are always just around the corner. Your stay in Bern will truly benefit from these short distances.

Considering low-budget accommodation, we recommend the Youth Hostel and Hotel Glocke which are also both located in the historic city centre.


Among upscale accommodation we highly recommend the Hotel Goldener Schlüssel (Hotel Golden Key). With its 500 year history, Bern’s oldest guesthouse is all about tradition and quality. Here you’ll find authentic Swiss hospitality and European chic.

The Hotel Belle Epoque, also set in a medieval house, is a small boutique-style hotel that features a fine Art Nouveau interior. The antique and turn-of-the-century decoration add a real cozy feel to this hotel.


The Allegro Hotel, another jewel among Bern’s best hotels, is set just across the river and offers its guests an excellent panoramic view of Bern’s medieval city centre. It is also exceptional in regard to its modern and tastefully decorated rooms. You will definitely enjoy your stay at the Allegro and come to appreciate its grand comfort, the spacious rooms, the elegant ambiance and the excellent service.


Bern’s most prestigious and luxurious hotel is without a doubt the Bellevue Palace, located next to the Houses of Parliament. The Bellevue Palace is the quintessential grand accommodation with an opulent Old Europe feeling to it. Carved Corinthian columns, grand salons, ornate details and a stained-glass ceiling are only a few features that make this hotel building so lavish.


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