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Floesserbruecke and Frankfurt’s skyline at night

Cargo Ship and Skyline of Frankfurt

Skyline of the Financial District, Frankfurt

Holbeinsteg Bridge with Frankfurt’s skyline

Frankfurt’s Museum Embankment Festival

Frankfurt’s Old Opera at night

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Frankfurt—Germany’s financial capital and city of contrasts


The Main River in Frankfurt is an attraction itself. The bridges of the river are extraordinary in both architecture and character. The sturdy neo-gothic Eiserner Steg was built in 1869, considered a traditional bridge, whereas the bridge Holbeinsteg (built in 1990) is considered modern, colorful and unconventional. Whichever one of the two you choose to cross the Main River, either side of the river will captivate you with its urban landscape—with towering skyscrapers, beautiful old houses, pretty churches, elegant museums and modern architecture.


The German poet Johnan Wolfgang von Goethe maintains his presence in modern-day Frankfurt. Visit his birthplace in central Frankfurt, the Goethestrasse, or one of the city’s most exclusive shopping streets, the Hauptwache Square. At the Städel Institute of Art you will find Hans Tischbein's famous portrait 'Goethe in the Roman Campagna' and at the Goethe Tower the opportunities to learn and educate yourself about Goethe’s life are endless!

Visit the most unique museums in Frankfurt: The Struwwelpeter Museum and the Caricatura. The illustrated Struwwelpeter books by Frankfurt Doctor Heinrich Hoffman became classics of children's literature. The museum in the up-market West End District is devoted to Hoffman and the Struwwelpeter characters, featuring drawings, rare editions, translations, and parodies. You are likely to find a copy of the Struwwelpeter in every German household. The Caricatura is Germany's leading museum for refined satire and comic art. Frankfurt offers nearly 60 museums, but these two are definitely the most unique ones.

Besides big business, architecture and culture, Frankfurt has a whole other side to discover: The GrünGürtel, a belt of green land around the city, offers 80 square kilometres of natural scenery for people to relax in the middle of the city. The GrünGürtel is recognised by the United Nations as a prime example of sustainable urban development.

Don’t forget to treat yourself with some of the culinary highlights of the city. Be sure to try Frankfurter Wuerstchen (hot dog), Frankfurter Kranz (cake), Handkaes (cheese), and the famous Frankfurter Apfelwein (apple cider).