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Free fun for families in Honolulu

Fireworks over Waikiki Beach
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Whether you’re looking for just a little something to do between scheduled activities or you’re traveling on a budget, Honolulu has plenty to offer. Catch a hula show, watch the night sky light up with fireworks, or see how ukuleles are made – all for free.



Watch Hula: A trip to the islands isn’t complete until you’ve seen the grace of hula dancers as they sway with the music, telling a story with their hands. A free one and a half hour long show within walking distance of many Waikiki hotels features the dancers of Ku Haaheo Hula.


When: Tuesdays, 4:30 pm
Where: Plaza Stage at Waikiki Beach Walk



Stroll Kalakaua Avenue: Bordering the popular International Marketplace on one side, Kalakaua Avenue comes to life after the sun sets, when a continually changing roster of street performers lights up the night. From steel drums and basketball tricks to the stock-still golden “statue” that’s actually a real person, kids will delight in the chance to stay up past their bedtime to partake in the fun.


When: nightly, after dusk
Where: Kalakaua Avenue near the International Marketplace



Fireworks and Torches: The Hilton Hawaiian Village lights up Waikiki Beach with fireworks every Friday evening, with a show that lasts about ten minutes. For another way to light up the night, watch the Torch Lighting Ceremony that signals the end of the day. Conch shells blow and torches are lit throughout the grounds to the rhythm of Island drums.


When: Fridays at 7:45 pm for fireworks; nightly at 6 pm for torch lighting
Where: Hilton Hawaiian Village



Manoa Falls: Just 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Honolulu, a tropical rainforest awaits you. This easy – though slightly rough – hike takes you through bamboo groves and under the canopy of lush vegetation. At the end of the 3/4-mile long trail, Manoa Falls cascades 150 feet down a vertical face into a crystal clear pool, giving you a glimpse of hidden Hawaii.


When: daily, but only when it’s dry. Flash floods are a real possibility.
Where: The end of Manoa Road in Honolulu



Kamaka Shop Tour: The ukulele is pure Hawaii, and the islands are home to numerous ukulele manufacturers. Kamaka Hawai‘i builds these small instruments right in Honolulu, where they offer free tours of their facilities so you can see how they’re made.


When: Tuesday-Friday, 10:30 am (call to verify; 808-531-3165)
Where: 550 South Street, Honolulu