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From Swiss souvenirs to luxury goods

On a shopping tour through Chur
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Switzerland is famous for a few things. Apart from picturesque landscapes, beautiful cities and lots of feel-good atmosphere, Heidi’s homeland is very much associated with watches, chocolate, Swiss Army knives, cheese, wine, cowbells etc. All of these things make great souvenirs and are pretty much sold wherever you go in Switzerland. Of course there may be regional differences, but overall, the country speaks one language when it comes to souvenirs and luxury goods.

Switzerland is the capital of watch-making and the label “Swiss Made” is a sign of quality. The best known brands are Rolex, Patek Philippe and Omega. These watches don’t just stand for an appreciation of quality but also for a certain lifestyle and sense of luxury. Every large town has a few jewelery stores offering vast selections of fancy watches. If you are looking into buying a Swiss made watch without spending a fortune, we recommend a watch by Swatch. These affordable watches are fun, stylish and sometimes even collectables.

In regard to chocolate, Switzerland is unbeaten, even though there is an ongoing rivalry with Belgium on who makes the world’s best chocolate. Whatever your judgment may be, Swiss chocolate is undoubtedly a true taste adventure that comes in so many ways. Famous brands are Frey, Spruengli, Lindt and Teuscher. We recommend that you buy some chocolate (sold in supermarkets or chocolateries when you are looking for the rare exclusive brands) to take back home. That way, you can hold on to vivid Swiss memories and also make friends and family happy. Swiss chocolate is simply a true classic.

Many cities and regions have their own characteristic goods. For instance, the ski resorts sell lots of Heidi-related products (cowbells, Edelweiss flowers and traditional dirndl clothing), the city of St. Gallen is known for fine linens and lace and the Bernese Oberland is famous for handcrafted items and wood figures.

In terms of shopping for luxury goods, Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse is said to be one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world. However, whether you are in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux or Basel for instance, your shopping possibilities will always range from low-budget to high-priced, from souvenir to luxury goods and from vintage clothes to high fashion.



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