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From unique boutiques to high fashion and recreation clothing – Whistler is a shopper’s paradise


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    Whistler Village is a pedestrian friendly area with over 200 shops, art galleries, boutiques and souvenir shops. When you expand out from the Village there are even more shops in the Upper Village, Creekside and the Junction areas. There are likely more stores per capita in Whistler than anywhere else in Canada and you can find anything in Whistler – sometimes you can find these items only in Whistler. Whistler-Blackcomb branded clothing and gear as well as some local boutiques offer goods only available in Whistler.


    Whistler has a huge range of high quality outdoor gear both for winter and summer outdoor adventures. If Vancouver is the heart of outdoor recreation gear in Canada, Whistler is where the best of the best is displayed, tested, used and sold. From a wide range of snow sports gear, accessories and clothing to all manner of summer gear – from bathing suits to downhill mountain bike gear – Whistler has something for practically every form of outdoor recreation. If you are going to play outside, shopping at Whistler will make sure you do it in style with the best gear.


    High fashion also has a big presence in Whistler – some stores offering specialised outdoor takes on their regular fashion, others offer jewellery like Keir Fine Jewellery. In Whistler you will find everything from Mount Cashmere (super soft sweaters and other fashion) to Inside Out (luxury lingerie) to Roots (quintessentially Canadian clothing) to Snowflake (designer clothing and bags) along with many other fashion focused shops.


    Another big feature of Whistler shopping is the galleries and Native American art available. From a souvenir piece to remember the trip to an international work of art, Whistler has a wide range of both Native American art and world renowned artists' work in galleries and stores throughout the Village.