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Geneva - taste the richness of the local cuisine

Geneva, a break in the Rues Basses
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Good food and fine dining plays an essential role for the Genevese people. How else would it be possible that this city with a population of under 200,000 can support well over 1,000 restaurants? It seems as though “the smallest metropolis of the world” wants to be “the culinary capital of Switzerland”.


Due to the city’s very international flair and upscale lifestyle, haute-cuisine restaurants with innovative cooking are very common in Geneva. You’ll find some of these gourmet restaurants around the lake that also spoil you with a stunning view. The “Auberge du Lion d’Or” with its beautiful summer terrace is one of those gourmet temples from where you get to overlook the lake. Also “Il Lago” and “Restaurant Patara” range among Geneva’s finest eateries.

In Paquis, Geneva’s most international district, you find a multitude of restaurants that offer food from around the world. Whether you want Arabic, Thai or South American food, your culinary delights will be fulfilled for sure and it's not such a burden on your purse.


Being in Switzerland you want to make sure to taste the traditional Swiss dishes that are usually very hearty, substantial and often times loaded with calories. Some of the best traditional eateries are located in the Old Town nearby the lake. Among them are “Perle du Lac” with its romantic interior and Geneva’s best outdoor terrace and “Edelweiss”, a real tourist magnet, that entertains its guests with nightly yodelling and traditional Swiss music. Local specialties include fondue (melted cheese served in a communal pot over a spirit lamp and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese), raclette (indigenous Swiss dish of scraped melted cheese that is served with potatoes, pickles or bread), smoked sausage, a variety of casseroles and lake fish dishes, such as filet of perch. In regard to typical drinks, the Perlan (white wine) and Gamay (red wine) are produced in Geneva’s own vineyards.


Eating out in Geneva never gets boring since there is such a variety of restaurants that offer something for everyone.


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