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View from the cathedral onto the town and the lake basin with the famous water jet

Geneva, the 'Jet d'eau' water fountain

Geneva, the 'Jet d' eau' water fountain and a 'Mouette' boat at sunset.

Geneva, the courtyard of the Art & History Museum

Geneva with swans on the right bank of Lake Geneva. In the background the Pont du Mont-Blanc.

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Geneva: welcome to the world’s smallest metropolis


The French-speaking city of Geneva, located at the south-western lakefront of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), is set in the Rhône valley between the Alpine mountains (with a view of the pinnacle of Mont Blanc) and the Jura region. Being called “the capital of peace” or “the world’s smallest metropolis”, you may guess that Geneva has much to offer and to be explored.

Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city (population approx. 188.000) and is one of the world’s major centres of international diplomacy. Due to a humanitarian tradition, Geneva is home to many international organizations. The headquarters of the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization and World Trade Organization as well as the European seat of the United Nations are located here. In total, more than 200 international organizations are based in Geneva. No wonder, that Geneva is Switzerland’s most international city.

Since Geneva is rather small, most of the sights and destinations are within walking distance. It is a real treat to meander through the city’s old town and to stroll through the cobbled streets, relax at the lakeside promenades, visit the many parks, enjoy a cruise on Lake Geneva, explore the narrow side streets in the old town or to just follow one’s desire for shopping.

Among the city’s highlights and must-sees for visitors are the large and ever blooming flower clock in the English Garden, the St. Pierre Cathedral, from where you enjoy a great view of the city and lake and go on a guided tour through the Palais des Nations, the European headquarter of the UNO and international territory. Geneva also offers a diverse range of museums, such as a watch museum and the International Museum of the Red Cross for instance. Speaking of watches, Geneva has a long tradition of watch making. International luxury brands such as Baume et Mercier, Patek Philippe, Rolex or Omega originated in Geneva or the surrounding regions. 

Geneva with its French influenced cityscape and international feel is a highly recommended destination for your trip through Switzerland. The city simply combines it all; elegance, history and scenic beauty.


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