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Panorama View of the capital of Schleswig-Holstein: Maritime Flair, Multifaceted Scenery and Culinary Diversity

Kiel is famous for its beautiful harbor

The New Town Hall is one of Hannover’s most visited sights

Bremen is famous for its marketplace and old town hall.

The Harbor of Hamburg is a must-see on every tourist’s list

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Germany’s North - maritime flair, multifaceted scenery and culinary diversity


Northern Germany includes the states Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. The cities Hamburg and Bremen are individual city-states.

The beautiful landscape varies from the plains in the northern part of the region to the woods of the Luneberg Heath in the east and the rolling hills of the Harz Mountains in the south. The main cities of the north are Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Lubeck and Kiel.

Hamburg is the most famous and most wealthy northern German city. It is a world metropolis, but has many parks and lakes, giving the city a green, natural feel. Hamburg's famous for the Reeperbahn, its red light district.  But there’s more to Hamburg than just nightlife: superb architecture, excellent museums, and an extravagant cultural scene to suit everyone’s taste.

The beaches and islands of the flat North Sea coast make a popular holiday destination, especially the island of Sylt and the old town of Husum. From here, you can take a ferry to the island Helgoland, approximately 70 km away from the mainland. Among the many seaside resorts on the undulating Baltic coast you will find the cities Travemunde and Laboe, known for their excellent beaches. Visit Lubeck, with its magnificent architecture, its vibrant harbor, its traditional restaurants and fascinating history. The ancient town of Schleswig, situated on a beautiful fjord, offers fascinating museums and buildings, especially the superb Dom. Flensburg is famous for the unique geometric layout of its Merchants' Courtyards.

Make sure to visit Bremen, situated on the river Weser. Bremen’s old town, with its marketplace and town hall are famous tourist destinations. Shop on the Sogestrasse and enjoy the glory of the Dom church. Try one of the many excellent fish restaurants, known for their fresh local dishes. Bremerhaven is the port for Bremen, and worth a visit for its harbor.

Other places of interest in Germany’s north are Oldenburg, famous for its Old Town and Osnabruck, a lively university town with many interesting sights and buildings.


Hannover is a lively city with plenty of nightlife, good restaurants, a lively cultural scene and excellent museums. Hameln (Hamelin) is not only worth visiting for the tale of the Pied Piper, but for its well-restored buildings with their distinctive gables and overhanging windows.

The rolling countryside of the Luneberg Heath is full of picturesque timbered villages. The Naturschutzpark Luneberger Heide should be a must-see on your list of things to do in the area.