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Get swept off your feet by André Rieu, the King of the Waltz

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Of all the great things to do, see and enjoy in Maastricht, perhaps the most magical and memorable experience you can have while visiting this wonderful city would be to attend one of the grand open-air performances by violinist, conductor and showman André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, right in the heart of Maastricht on the Vrijthof Square.


André Rieu was born in Maastricht in 1949, and has risen to world-wide fame over the last few decades through his unique ability to really engage his audiences with spectacularly moving and tear-evoking renditions of the waltz. Throughout the year he travels the world with his orchestra and production team, captivating audiences with his music, personality and style in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia. Now living in the same castle in Maastricht where he once took piano lessons as a five year old, he stays true and loyal to his birth town and ensures that every year the joyful - and at times beautifully sad - sounds of the waltz can be enjoyed by the townspeople for miles around the Vrijthof on half a dozen or so evenings over a 2 week period.

With his own 50-piece orchestra, including singers, extravagant costumes, an impressive array of guest artists and elaborate stage sets – the grandest one ever being a life-size replica of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna - no efforts are spared to make every single performance a truly dazzling show. It’s as if people in the audience feel as if they become one with the music, as some start waltzing in the aisles and others are clearly moved to tears.

André Rieu has been dubbed King of the Waltz, and even though there are perhaps some critics who scoff at the style and extravagance of his performances as being different from the typical, much more formal and subdued performances of classical music, he has without a doubt unleashed a revival of the waltz, even among people who normally don’t really listen to classical music.

Many of the restaurants and cafés around the Vrijthof Square offer terrace specials: enjoy your dinner while waiting for the square to fill up and the concert to begin. If you want to be guaranteed a view of the stage, it’s best to buy a single ticket though. Meal and drinks service is from 6:30 pm up until 9 pm, which is when the concert begins.


Tickets, also for terrace packages, can be purchased on-line through the Tourism Office (VVV).  It's possible to get tickets through the André Rieu website as well, which also lists several options for  travel packages including a one night stay in an exclusive hotel, a four-course dinner with live music, a tour in André Rieu's castle or the André Rieu studios, and of course a ticket to one of the concerts.


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