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Get to know Dresden through its restaurants

This is the view you get to enjoy while relaxing at the Schiller Garden.
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Since exploring the old city centre is a must you might as well dine at the Sophienkeller Restaurant. This well-regarded restaurant is located in the cellar rooms of the Kempinski Hotel near the Royal Palace. The restaurant specializes in local dishes that are hearty and flavourful. The dishes actually remind one of medieval feasts, so this may be how they dined at the Royal Saxon Court. The waitresses being dressed in traditional dirndls and candles as well as 18th century atmosphere give this themed restaurant a romantic feel.


Another famous Dresden restaurant located nearby is the Italienisches Doerfchen (The Italian Village). You will find it right across from the Semper Opera House. The neo-classical building was erected in 1911 on the site of the cottage that once housed the Italian crews that helped build the nearby Dresden monuments of the Saxon kings. Each room of the restaurant presents a different atmosphere and food style. If you just want to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing, choose the Beer Hall and Wine Room. For upscale Italian Food take your seat in the Bellotto Room and for Saxon and international food, the Elector Room (Kurfürstenzimmer) is where you want to eat. 


Away from the city centre, you will find restaurants with great scenery that are especially favored by the locals. The Luisenhof, which is also called “The Balcony of Dresden”, is one of those places. This traditional Dresden eatery is located in the villa district of Weisser Hirsch (White Deer). Overlooking the city, the Elbe valley and the river, you get to enjoy mainly German dishes in an amazing atmosphere. 


At the Schillergarten, a long-established beer garden, enjoy your cooled drink right by the river. The inexpensive food, the relaxed atmosphere and the view of the Blu Wonder (Dresden’s most famous bridge) make this place so special. It is one of the most visited and beloved eateries for the locals; especially on the weekends during summer.