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Golf tuition


Learn to golf with the professionals at the PGA TOUR Academy at World Golf Village, Florida
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    Even if you are inept at other ball sports, there’s still a chance of you being good at golf, as the ball is stationery. It is a game you can play with friends, with family, as a couple, with kids and even solo – although customarily courses will pair you up with three other players if it is a busy schedule.


    You can play by day or evening and at weekends, in some climates you can play year round, and you can play while on holiday. You don’t even need to take bulky clubs with you when travelling as most clubs rent clubs to visitors.


    But one thing almost everyone needs is tuition. It is not just a case of picking up a club and hitting the ball with all your strength. There is technique required for stance, addressing the ball, holding the clubs, choosing which club for which shot, and judging distance, incline and wind. With so many variants golf is never boring but you won’t get the hang of it without tuition and you can reach a plateau at any level if you don’t take lessons along the way.


    The main skills to master are the tee shot, various fairway shots, bunker shots, shots from the rough, pitching, chipping and putting – and there are different clubs for each type of stroke. Beginners tend to cling to around four or five of their favourite clubs but as you progress you learn the benefits of handling a full set of clubs – 12-14 different types.


    Most courses have a club professional who is responsible for tuition programs and often also runs the golf retail outlet. Courses also usually feature driving ranges and putting greens – sometimes with additional bunker and chipping areas – where golfers can work on different aspects of their game. Lessons can be private or in group format and often pros will set up clinics to address specific skills.


    As you improve at the game, you are awarded a handicap based on your scores at a particular club or course. This is a numerical measure of your ability which allows you to play with golfers of varying standards - better players have lower handicaps. If you play really well one day and a better player plays poorly, then you could win the game. But if you consistently play better than you are rated, then your handicap will be lowered.


    Playing golf is also not just a physical accomplishment – it is also a mind game. No matter how good your handicap is, you can easily have an “off” day if your concentration is compromised. Generally, golf is a great antidote to the frustrations of everyday life – it is an absorbing sport, played in the outdoors, involving gentle physical exercise.


    If you can’t afford regular lessons, getting a golf app for your phone may make a difference to your game. Having an instructor in your pocket sounds like a great idea as you go round a course - so long as it doesn’t hold up play.