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Hamburg—city of contrasts and maritime charm


The impressive Chile House by night
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    Hamburg is young, modern, friendly and open to the world. Even though the grouchy Hamburg-charm is something the city is famous for. They say real Hanseatic personalities have a tough shell, but a heart of gold.


    The city is full of contrasts, and you won’t forget the many fascinating faces of this historical and yet modern city.

    The 800 year-old Hamburg Harbor is one of the must-sees in the city. 13,000 Vessels arrive yearly from all over the world. Take a boat tour, departing from the Landungsbruecken quayside, stroll along the waterfront, or have an excellent seafood dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants, offering spectacular views of the port.

    Once at the Landungsbruecken, it’s worth the trip to the Old Elbe Tunnel (Elbtunnel), a domed building, which has been in use since 1911. Its elevators take vehicles and pedestrians 24 meters underground. Visitors are welcome to walk through the tunnel under the Elbe River. Once on the other side, at Steinwerder, you get to enjoy an absolutely wonderful view of Hamburg from the south side of the river.

    Reserve your Sunday morning for a visit of the traditional fish market, a weekly market held since 1703. Enjoy a Fischbroetchen for breakfast and listen to live music in the Fish Market Hall (opening hours: Sunday mornings, 5 – 9.30 am).

    The Altstadt (Old City) is the oldest quarter in Hamburg and one of the main tourist attractions: here you can find the Chilehaus (Chile House), and the Kontor Haeuser (Office Buildings), located on the Burchardplatz.

    Many bars, restaurants and shops can be found in the Old City. Take some time to sit down and enjoy a locally brewed beer and some local treats.

    The Michaeliskirche (Church of St. Michael’s) is another famous landmark in the city. The baroque style church was built in 1751. Its tower is 132 meters high and has a viewing platform. From here, you can view the harbor and the entire city. Every day at 10 am and 9 pm the trumpeter of the church plays a piece of classical music. This event is called Turmblasen, and can be heard in the entire city.

    The TV Tower is Hamburg’s tallest building, located in the Lagerstrasse. It was built between 1965-68 and is named after the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. The tower is 279.8 meters tall and weighs a total of 43,000 tonnes. Visitors used to be able to climb up to the viewing platform, 128 meters above the ground. Unfortunately the platform has been closed since 2001 due to structural damage, too cost intensive to repair.

    The number one must-see is the mile of sin, the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli district. The Reeperbahn is not only about sex, strip shows and drinking… it is also known for its many restaurants, alternative cultural scene and its musical theaters. St. Pauli is known for its diversity of trends and styles. Don’t miss out on a trip to the quarter of fun.