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Hamburg’s top restaurants


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Hamburg is famous for its cuisine. Bordering the coastline of the North and Baltic Sea, it’s no surprise the regional cuisine is heavily influenced by fish. For that reason, Northern Germans are often playfully called Fischkoepfe (fish heads). However, there is much more to the culinary highlights in the north of Germany.

Hamburger Aalsuppe: Given the influence of fish in North German cuisine, one would assume that Aalsuppe would be exactly what it describes: a soup made with eel. While eel is likely to be found in Aalsuppe, the name actually refers to the fact that this soup contains alles, meaning “everything”. Aalsuppe was originally a stew made with meat bones to create a broth, dried fruit to give a slightly sweet taste, stewed vegetables, vinegar to give a sweet and sour taste and a variety of herbs.

Herring: North Sea fishermen learned the art of salting fish to make it last thousands of years ago. Salted herrings soon became a traditional dish, particularly in poorer homes. One of the most popular dishes in northern Germany is Bratheringe (fried and marinated herrings).

Rote Gruetze: While the original dish was made of grits and red fruit juice, the recipe has been adapted to a lighter summer dish. Red berries are used thickened with cornstarch or sago instead of grits. All types of berries can be used, but the original dish was made with Sauerkirschen (sour cherries), red and black currants and raspberries.

Alsterwasseris the local name for a "Radler" in Hamburg (a reference to the city's river Alster), both are a type of shandy, a mixture of equal parts of beer and carbonated lemonade.

The American hamburger seems to have developed from Hamburg's Frikadelle: a pan-fried patty (usually larger and thicker than its American counterpart) made from a mixture of ground beef, soaked stale bread, egg, chopped onion, salt and pepper, usually served with potatoes and vegetables, but not on a bun.

Are you looking for a restaurant serving all these regional specialties? Check out any one of the following establishments for a taste of Northern cuisine:


The Warsteiner Elbspeicher serves German food with a regional twist typical of the hanseatic city. Enjoy a great view over the River Elbe and Hamburg Harbor. A terrace overlooking the Elbe and a beer garden are the perfect spot for outdoor dining.

Alt Helgolaender Fischerstube, a renowned restaurant located in the heart of St. Pauli district, is one of the best traditional fish restaurants since it opened in 1982. Sit on the terrace and enjoy the harbor atmosphere. The hospitality, ambience, and dedicated team of chefs combine culinary masterpieces with tradition and modernity.

Weinrestaurant Kleinhuis serves modern German cuisine with fresh local ingredients. The wine list features 150 choices including an international selection of wines, but mostly focusing on German and European wines.

Staendige Vertretung, is a more casual restaurant with a unique motto:
“You only live once, so have fun”! Based on this motto, the Ständige Vertretung recreates the relaxed atmosphere of a Rheinland brewery serving Kölsch (strong pale beer), Flammkuchen (pizza-like tarts) as well as great North German dishes in a casual setting.


If you are more interested in international cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere, consider making a reservation at any of these places:

The Blue Marlin restaurant welcomes you into a bright and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Enter into a culinary journey into all kinds of exotic countries, whilst watching the meals being freshly prepared right in front of your eyes in the Blue Marlin's show kitchen.

Au Quai is a cool and contemporary restaurant located right on the harbor front in the port of Hamburg, serving some of the best Mediterranean food in the city. Currently one of Hamburg’s top eating spots, Au Quai is a stylish, modern eatery with amazing views over the River Elbe. After dinner, check out the cool Au Quai Club and dance the night away to the latest sounds with Hamburg’s beautiful people.

Grill & Green Restaurant is centrally located on the Bleichfleet canal. It offers modern international culinary choices ranging from salad to pasta to steak, fish and Hamburg specialties. You’ll love the tall windows for a great view over the sun terrace and water.