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Hawaii’s microbreweries

The Big Island Brewhaus is a casual pub and restaurant
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If you’re one of those people who seek out microbreweries wherever you go, you’ll be happy to know that even way out in the Pacific you can find a good brew. Oahu, Hawaii Island, and Maui all have tasting rooms or pubs where you’ll find locally flavored ales, IPAs, and porters. Cheers!


Big Island Brewhaus – Order a sampler of five different brews to enjoy at the bar or grab a growler to go. Either way, you’ve just discovered some of Hawaii’s best beer and a local favorite. The Kamuela restaurant serves up spicy Mexican food made with fresh ingredients grown on the Island of Hawaii. Try the Irie Irish Stout or a Pau Hana Pale Ale.

Kona Brewing Co. – With locations on Hawaii Island and Oahu, you’ve got two chances to try the fine brews from the folks at Kona Brewing Co. while you’re in Hawaii. The brewery is located at the Kona facility where free tours are available. The pub on Oahu is outside of the bustling Waikiki area in the Koko Marina Center. The Pipeline Porter is a must-try if dark beer is your thing: brewed with 100% Kona coffee grown on the Big Island, the distinct coffee flavor might tempt you to switch up your morning routine. Both locations offer an extensive pub menu.

Hawaii Nui Brewing Co. – The makers of Mehana Volcano Red Ale, Hawaii Nui Brewing Co. is tucked away in an unassuming industrial building in Hilo on Hawaii Island. You’ve got to be looking for it to find it, but when you do you’ll be rewarded with a chance to sample some of their island style brews. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Maui Brewing Co. – How can you go wrong with a Bikini Blonde? That’s just one of the brews on tap at the Maui Brewing Co. pub. Their coconut porter is aged in rum barrels, with notes of dark rum, toasted coconut, and molasses. Sounds like the perfect beer for Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew, doesn’t it? Tours of the brewery are available on a limited basis.