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Hofbraeuhaus, A culinary landmark in Munich


Decorated Beer Steins
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The Hofbraeuhaus is by far the most famous beer hall in the world. It is located in the heart of Munich's old city center, just a few steps away from Marienplatz (Marien Square). It was established in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, William V as the Royal Brewery of the Kingdom of Bavaria, and is today, just like Oktoberfest, an essential part of Munich's history, culture and cuisine. The Hofbraeuhaus is run by the brothers Wolfgang and Michael Sperger, the second generation of Spergers to manage the establishment.

The Hofbraeuhaus is divided into two sections:


The Beer Hall, called Schwemme is where you can enjoy a Mass or two with other tourists or locals, casually sitting around huge wooden tables.  A Mass is a 1-liter stein (common size beer mug that the beer is served in at the Hofbraeuhaus).


Traditional Bavarian specialties from the in-house butchery can be enjoyed in the huge beer hall, accompanied by traditional Bavarian live music. As much fun a visit at the Beer Hall of the Hofbraeuhaus may be, be prepared – it does get crowded and noisy in there!
The restaurant is the second part of the Hofbraeuhaus. It is called Braustueberl, and is located on the first floor of the building. It’s more appropriate for a quiet relaxing dinner or family dining.


All dishes served at the Hofbraeuhaus are home made, and are hearty rather than healthy. Most meat lovers feel like they are in culinary heaven and have a hard time deciding between specialties such as veal sausage with sweet mustard, crackling pork roast, or the famous Wiener Schnitzel, a veal cutlet coated with Bread crumbs. Even though the establishment is famous for its traditional meat dishes, there are also delicious options for vegetarians, for example Cheese Spaetzle (egg noodles prepared with local cheese and served with roasted onions).


A social Bavarian tradition practiced by locals is attending a Stammtisch in their local beer hall. The restaurant reserves a table for their regular customers, who often leave and store their personal beer mugs at their favorite hall.