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In Flagstaff you can sample great local food and cosy bistros

The Beaver Street Brewery's terrace has a view of mountain peaks
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One of the pleasing things about Flagstaff is that it has a thriving dining scene, and you can eat anything from a cheap burger to some of the finest South-Western food for miles around. In addition there are restaurants from all over the world, offering Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, French, and many more kinds of cooking. There are several good microbreweries, loved by the large student population, and numerous coffee-shops, delis and diners if you just want something quick, cheap and tasty.


One of the most popular of the brewpubs is the Beaver Street Brewery, which always has a range of interesting beers, good pub food, an outdoor patio with mountain views, and a billiard room with five full-size tables. Despite the bar atmosphere, families are welcome too.


Another busy bar is Charly's, part of the historic Weatherford Hotel in the downtown area. It serves food all day, from the Navajo Breakfast to Wyatt Earp’s Surf and Turf at dinner. There's entertainment here too several nights a week.


One of the best places in town if you want to try local dishes is the Criollo Latin Kitchen. Its food is sourced from local farms (listed on the menu), and you should try dishes like their Bison Meatloaf or Fire-Roasted Jalapeño and Bacon Nachos. The Criollo is at the more expensive end of the price range, but if you want local food with more of a Mexican focus and a cheaper menu then try Salsa Brava. It has been chosen many times as Flagstaff's best Mexican restaurant, and its salsa also wins awards. You should definitely try their guacamole, made at the table.


Brix has also won many accolades, including being chosen by Condé Nast Traveler magazine in 2007 as one of the best new restaurants in the world. It serves contemporary American cuisine in a historic carriage house, and also likes to credit its food suppliers on the menu. Typical dishes include Roasted Red Beet Risotto and Wild Boar Chop.


The Tinderbox Kitchen is another place where you'll find modern American food, but here they also give classic dishes a modern twist, like a Bacon-wrapped Buffalo Meatloaf. The chef's claim to fame at the Tinderbox is that he was the personal chef to Paul McCartney for a week. It's safe to assume he didn't cook his Sugar-Cured Venison Loin for the vegetarian ex-Beatle.


Josephine's Modern American Bistro is another star of the modern Flagstaff restaurant scene. It's housed in a 1911 building in the historic downtown district, but the atmosphere and the food are as modern as can be. The food of Arizona and Mexico is centre-stage, with inspired preparation of dishes such as Smoked Pork Tenderloin with Ranchero Sauce or Eggplant Enchilada. Their Wine List has also won a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.


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