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The impressive Mealy Mountains

Great fishing and paddling on the Pinware River

There are over 350 different species of birds here

Take a boat tour to see icebergs and whales

Hike 54 km of pristine beach at the Wonderstrand

Lots of history and epic stories at the Wonderstrands

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In Labrador seeing is believing

With a human history that extends back some 9,000 years there is a wealth of things to learn about our ancient Aboriginal peoples and the explorers and settlers that came here during the last four centuries.


Whales are frequently sighted along the Labrador coast during summer and early fall. The most common large species of whale is the humpback, usually seen in groups and noted for their classic roll and dive. Fin whales are more solitary, and are usually spotted alone or in small groups. Smaller whales found in Labrador waters include potheads and minkes and, occasionally, killer whales. Porpoises and dolphins are also common.

The Labrador coast is a terrific place for watching icebergs. Calved from glaciers in western Greenland, icebergs are brought south by the cold Labrador Current. As they enter (slightly!) warmer waters they begin to melt and roll, resulting at times in spectacular crashes. There are many great locations along the Labrador coast for seeing these beauties—places where tides and currents bring the bergs near shore.

And, wherever you go, you are bound to see lots of bird life. There are lots of shore birds as well as inlands birds. While travelling, ask the local residents to suggest some good viewing places both for birds and icebergs.


Further inland you’ll want to spend time at the amazing Wonderstrands, a 56-mile pristine sandy beach discovered by Vikings over 1000 years ago near the Town of Cartwright. Explore this region with a local guide by tour boat. You’ll see the Mealy Mountains in the distance. Close to the boat you are in are the untold riches of Sandwich Bay, including salmon rivers, migratory bird colonies and ghost fishing communities.


For something different, it’s worth while driving to Churchill Falls to see one of the world’s largest hydroprojects. It all happens underground and tours are provided for the asking.


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