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Indulge in a shopping spree in Geneva

Geneva, a shopping paradise with all the brands and latest trends, at the foot of the Old Town
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Make sure you schedule some time for a shopping spree in Geneva. The city is the perfect place for those who like to indulge in the finer things in life, such as high fashion, antiques, luxury watches and jewellery. Designer retail stores, elegant boutiques, department stores and jewellery shops – all within close proximity to Geneva’s historic city centre, which is the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and exclusive shopping excursion.


There is definitely no shortage of fashion in Geneva. Whether you look for the latest trends and luxury brands, the boutiques in the Old Town offer fashion from around the world. Are you looking for a bargain? The Plaine de Plainpalais – the city’s largest outdoor flea market - is the perfect address for vintage clothes but also for antiques, records and paintings. Also, Rue des Paquis offers affordable shopping and is full of vintage clothing stores, ethnic boutiques, antique and souvenir stores.


Geneva, where the wristwatch was practically invented, is also called the watch capital of the world. Bucherer, right across from Mont Blanc Bridge, or the family-run Guebelin Jewellery, are perfect and trustworthy stores if you want to purchase Swiss watches and be adequately advised about Baume et Mercier, Patek Philippe, Rolex or Omega. All these watch brands originated in Geneva or its nearby surrounding regions.


In regard to souvenir shopping, music boxes from the Jura region, Cuckoo clocks from German Switzerland and Swiss Army knives are available in various stores. Also Bucherer sells high-quality Swiss souvenirs.

Before you leave town, make sure to stock up on chocolate. Geneva is famous for this sweet delight that the “maître chocolatiers” have mastered over the centuries. You find a great selection of good chocolate at pretty much any grocery store. But for the ultimate experience, the numerous speciality shops and cafés, such as Godiva, Chocolaterie Arn or Chocolaterie Stettler sell home-made chocolate, pralines and truffles.

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