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Hiking along the boardwalk in Battle Harbour

Picnic time in an abandoned fishing village outside of Cartwright

Canoeing is popular in Labrador

Shred powder on Labrador’s great ski trails

Picking berries like bakeapples (also known as cloudberries) is a lot of fun

Snowmobiling in Labrador—and amazing experience

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Labrador - Nature at its best

Here are a few highlights for you to consider during the summer or fall:


Berry picking is popular. Wild berries are used to make a variety of preserves and baked goods, or just eaten as they are (with a little cream or sugar) for a delicious dessert.

Berry-picking grounds are usually easy to access from most communities and from the highway as you drive along. A summer favourite is the cloudberry, known locally as the bakeapple. Labradorians pick many bakeapples throughout the summer, for personal use and to sell to commercial jam and liqueur producers. Your Labrador summer experience is not complete until you've picked at least one bakeapple!

In the early fall the ligonberries ripen. Called "redberries" and "partridgeberries" by Labradorians, these berries taste best eaten by the handful while reclining on the Labrador barrengrounds under an immense blue sky.

For a wonderful way to get a real sense of Labrador, geocaching is the way to go. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS. Participants follow GPS coordinates to seek out "geocaches" where you’ll find a waterproof container that holds a logbook and some small "treasure.” There are over 800 geocashes in the province! You can count on a wide variety of scenic and interesting cache locations throughout all regions. Visit to find a complete listing of caches throughout Labrador.


With all the rivers and lakes, canoeing is a paddler’s dream. You can arrange for short day trips or longer, overnight wilderness experiences. Of course, you can take a picnic just about anywhere, as well as hike and poke around interesting places.

Winter in Labrador has its own magic. It’s a time for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing and ice-fishing. There are groomed trails for skiing and snowmobiling, or you can take to the back country for an endless adventure.

Snowmobiling in Labrador is like no other snowmobiling experience! You can be as recreational or as hardcore as you desire. Labrador boasts beautifully manicured and maintained groomed trails throughout parts of the region and licensed snowmobile clubs can help you plan your adventure.

Cross country skiing in Labrador is also phenomenal! Labrador West offers a world class experience with more than 25 years of know-how and 25 km in groomed trails to challenge the avid skier. Coastal Labrador has more modest trails but boasts breathtaking coastal views and several kilometres of prime backcountry skiing—and snowshoeing—opportunities.


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